Solomon Airlines to increase its flight services to Australia

Aerial view of parked Solomon Airlines Airbus A320
Photo Credit: Solomon Airlines
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To bolster air travel between the Solomon Islands and Australia, Solomon Airlines has revealed its plans for an extensive expansion of services starting from October 2023.

The announcement of the Australian network expansion follows the recent addition of the airline’s second Airbus A320 aircraft, marking a further step in the carrier’s growth trajectory.

Increased Flight Frequency

Effective from the 2nd of October, Solomon Airlines, the national carrier of the Solomon Islands, is set to elevate flight frequency between Brisbane and Honiara to an impressive five flights per week.

This strategic move is aligned with the burgeoning demand from leisure travelers seeking a seamless connection between these two destinations.

Reviving Direct Routes

Renowned for its seamless and direct flights, Solomon Airlines is set to reinstate its popular direct route from Brisbane to Munda in the Western Province.

Notably, this reinstatement will also be accompanied by new domestic connections to several other leisure hotspots, including Gizo, Seghe, and Suavanao.

Munda International Airport Terminal Building

As part of the Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP), a groundbreaking infrastructure initiative, the construction of the SBD$60 million Munda International Airport Terminal Building is anticipated to reach completion by the end of September.


This milestone marks a significant leap forward in enhancing the country’s aviation capabilities and underscores Solomon Airlines’ dedication to providing state-of-the-art facilities for its travelers.

A Solomon Airlines A320 approaching to land.
Robert Frola (GFDL) via Wikimedia Commons

Solomon Airlines Vision for Growth

Before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Solomon Airlines introduced a pivotal addition to its portfolio: direct international flights from Brisbane to Munda in 2019.

This milestone not only opened up a second international gateway but also played a pivotal role in boosting visitation to the Western Province. The airline’s commitment to growth and progress is further evidenced by its recent decision to invest in additional aircraft capacity.

Solomon Airlines CEO Gus Kraus expressed the strategic timing of this expansion, stating, “Our decision to invest in additional aircraft capacity now for Solomon Airlines, ahead of the Pacific Games.”

“In the short term and combined with our country’s improving aviation infrastructure, it will bring lasting economic benefit to Solomon Islands and beyond.”

Unveiling the New International Schedule

The revamped international schedule, slated to commence on October 2, 2023, brings forth several key highlights that underscore Solomon Airlines’ dedication to offering enhanced services:

  • An increase in the frequency of flights between Brisbane and Honiara to five times per week. Reinstatement of the Monday afternoon Flight IE700 from Honiara to Brisbane.
  • Introduction of a new service from Brisbane to Honiara on Sundays as Flight IE707, departing at 12.05pm. This schedule is designed to accommodate same-day domestic connections from across Australia and facilitate a seamless transition into the working week.
  • The revival of Saturday flights from Brisbane directly to Munda (Flight IE715 Brisbane-Munda-Honiara). This is further accompanied by adjustments to Solomon Airlines’ domestic schedule, enabling same-day transit from Munda to other leisure destinations such as Gizo, Seghe, and Suavanao.
  • A time adjustment for Monday Flight IE722 from Honiara to Port Vila and onward to Auckland. This flight will now depart Honiara earlier at 9.00am.

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