SmartLynx to become the leading European A321F operator

Side fuselage of Smartlynx Airbus A321PF freighter.
Photo Credit: Smartlynx Airlines
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Leading ACMI and full-charter provider SmartLynx Airlines is now on its way to become the leading Airbus A321 P2F operator in Europe.

The company currently holds a fleet of six A321 P2F (Passenger to Freighter) aircraft, and aims to increase the fleet size to thirteen by the end of the year, also aiming to receive four more units by the end of 2024.

With SmartLynx’ plans to expand their A321 P2F fleet, the company will be well-placed to take lead in the narrow-body express freighter market.

Since its introduction, the Passenger-to-Freighter modification of the type has become increasingly popular, as it provides both an extension of life for the airframes, as well as efficient solutions for cargo operators.

On the road to leadership

SmartLynx have on May 22, expressed their intentions to become the leading narrow-body express freighter operator in Europe, as the company is due to take delivery of multiple units both in 2023 and 2024.

SmartLynx Airlines Cargo Operations Manager Dmitrijs Voroncovs has high hopes for the expansion, and believes the the A321 P2F is the ultimate solution for frequent domestic and regional operations:


“This is the first ever narrow-body freighter to feature containerized both main and lower cargo decks, which allow for automated loading and unloading to achieve exceptional turnaround times,” he concluded.

Photo Credit: SmartLynx Airlines

SmartLynx Airlines CEO, Zygimantas Surintas, also appears to have high hopes, saying: “As we reintroduce the A321-200 freighter to the world, we are confident that it is poised to lead the future of cargo operations.”

“To start, its exceptional fuel efficiency makes it the most sustainable choice in the cargo market today. Direct operational costs for A321F are up to 30% lower comparing to the classic B757-200 and 737, making it the most cost-effective option for our clients.”

“In addition, due to the popularity of A320 family, we are committed to providing efficient and fast maintenance for our fleet. Thanks to our partnership with Lufthansa Technik, we have convenient access to high-quality spare parts, ensuring the reliability and safety of our aircraft.”

The A321 P2F

With only a handful of the aircraft type in the skies, SmartLynx Airlines is uniquely positioned to lead the industry with its ambitious growth plans.

The company has displayed great confidence in the aircraft type, and has through its commitment to excellent customer service, made it an attractive partner for companies on the look out for efficient and cost-effective cargo solutions.

The A321 P2F features a maximum payload of 27,000kg and offers a range of up to 2300 nautical miles, thus making it perfect for the express cargo market.

Capacity wise, the A321 P2F offers a payload capacity of 27 metric tonnes, and a maximum volume of 208 square meters, capable of fitting 14 full containers on the main deck, with room for various other cargo.

About SmartLynx Airlines

SmartLynx Airlines Limited, previously LatCharter, is a charter airline based in Mārupe, Latvia, operating flights on wet lease out, holiday charter flights, and ad hoc passenger charter flights across Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2022 SmartLynx Airlines celebrated its 30th anniversary.

 SmartLynx Airlines currently operates a fleet of 56 aircraft and holds Latvian, Estonian, and Maltese Air Operator Certificates (AOCs).

SmartLynx currently hold two group airlines, or subsidiaries, under their name – SmartLynx Estonia and SmartLynx Malta – both of which can be seen operative to this day.

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