SmartLynx Malta Rescues Airbus A330 from Ukraine

SmartLynx Malta Rescues Airbus A330 from Ukraine
Cjp24, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

SmartLynx Malta has been able to rescue one of its Airbus A330s stuck in Ukraine following a sequence of flights that have taken place this week.

The Rescue Flight From Ukraine…

SmartLynx Malta Rescues Airbus A330 from Ukraine
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As we can see from the image above, 9H-SME, the Airbus A330 in question that belongs to SmartLynx Malta, turned on its ADS-B transponder between the Ukraine and Poland borders.

The aircraft then continued on to Warsaw, as this was purely a short flight just to get the jet out of Ukraine, with the origin airport suspected to be Lviv, as per data from

This flight took place on June 1 in the early hours of the morning, before arriving in Warsaw at 0726 local time.

The SmartLynx Malta Airbus A330 Headed to Chateauroux…

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The jet is around 14.8 years old, having been delivered to China Southern Airlines brand new in September 2008.

From there, it went to CDB Aviation in May 2021, and then the month after to SmartLynx Malta.

A couple of hours after its arrival in Warsaw from Ukraine, the aircraft then departed once again at 1058 local time.

It remained at a cruise altitude of around 10,000 feet at 260 knots due to there being issues with the landing gear.

The aircraft continued west to Chateauroux, France, where it will be stored for the time being and also repaired in due course.

It is unclear when this Preighter aircraft will be back in the skies again following its adventure from Ukraine as it depends on the extent of the maintenance needed.

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