SkyWorks Reveals Q2 2023 Activities

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This week SkyWorks Holdings has revealed its activities that have been completed during their second quarter (Q2) of 2023.

This article will cover the details surrounding SkyWorks Q2 2023 activities and the achievements that the U.S. leasing and asset management company has carried out.

SkyWorks’ Q2 2023 Activities

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SkyWorks has certainly had a very busy second quarter (Q2) of their 2023 financial year, carrying out a wide range of activities and transactions with multiple air operators around the globe.

Starting things off, SkyWorks has arranged the sale of one Airbus A321LR (Long Range) aircraft on behalf of one of its investor clients, which that aircraft is currently on lease to the British ACMI and charter operator, Titan Airways.

Secondly, the U.S. financial institution has also arranged the leasing placement of two Airbus A320 aircraft with Indonesian carrier, Batik Air, on behalf of Sierra Echo Aircraft Leasing.

Thirdly, SkyWorks has arranged the sale of two Airbus A320s and four Boeing 737NGs that are currently on lease to one of the U.S. ‘Big Four’ carriers, United Airlines.

They have also carried out a lease extension for one Airbus A320 with Thai carrier, Bangkok Airways, as well as the lease return of one of their sister aircraft, of which has gone through a part-out sale where the two IAE V2500 engines have been sold separately.

As well as these, SkyWorks has also completed the sale of one Airbus A319 and two Airbus A320s on behalf of an investor client, and have also sold two Airbus A320s on behalf of Global Knaifaim Leasing which those aircraft are on lease to ACMI and charter operator Avion Express Malta.


It has certainly been a very busy Q2 for SkyWorks Holdings with the vast majority of their activities being narrow-body aircraft sales.

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By Jamie Clarke 2 Min Read
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