SkyWest Orders 19 More Embraer E175 Aircraft

SkyWest Orders 19 More Embraer E175 Aircraft
Photo Credit: Embraer.

In the last few moments, SkyWest has announced the purchase of 19 more Embraer E175 aircraft, to be used under the United Airlines network.

This is the third aircraft order that has taken place today after the Condor Airbus A330neo order and the Southwest Airlines blockbuster Boeing 737 MAX order.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

SkyWest Orders 19 More Embraer E175 Aircraft…

SkyWest Orders 19 More Embraer E175 Aircraft
Photo Credit: Embraer.


It is understood that the order for 19 Embraer E175 aircraft from SkyWest is valued at a whopping $1.1bn in list prices.

It is understood that the aircraft will offer 70 seats in a three-class configuration, with deliveries expected to take place in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Commenting on the order was Chip Childs, the President & CEO of SkyWest Airlines:

“SkyWest is already the largest E175 operator in the world, and when this order is delivered we will have over 250 E175s.”

“We look forward to continuing to improve the passenger flying experience with enhanced comfort and reliability.”

Adding to this was Martyn Holmes, the CCO of Embraer Commercial Aviation:

“We are pleased to build upon our superb partnership with SkyWest. The E175 is truly a versatile aircraft, the backbone of North American regional aviation.” 

The Embraer E175-E1 program continues to grow well within the planemaker’s umbrella. This recent order with SkyWest means that under the United Airlines network, there will be 109 aircraft operating by the time all deliveries are complete.

All eyes on delivery day in Q4 2024 for the airline.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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