SkyUp and Future for Ukraine fund join together to help children with autism

A SkyUp Airlines aircraft being loaded on the tarmac at night.
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Kyiv-based low-cost carrier SkyUp is partnering with the future for Ukraine fund to support children with autism and their families.

Travel affordability and also the ability to travel freely and have quality rest for everyone without exception is a key element of the partnership.

To help organize travel vacations in Ukraine and abroad for children with disabilities, SkyUp and Join UP! have joined forces with LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB from the Future for Ukraine fund.

Already this year, families of internally displaced persons with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who left the war zone will be supported by the airline.

They will be able to go on a trip where SkyUp will take care of the flight, and the Join UP! tour operator will take care of arranging comfortable resort accommodation for the families.

1 in 100 children on autism spectrum

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1 in 100 children have an autism spectrum disorder, and 16% of the world’s population (1.3 billion people) live with a disability.

Every year, the number of children diagnosed with autism in Ukraine increases by 30%, reports the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health.

The availability of rehabilitation and socialization for children with autism spectrum disorders is vital. According to studies, 80% of children who were diagnosed with ASD at an early age integrate into society after further rehabilitation.

The partnership notes that rest and travel are important factors amongst the tools for such rehabilitation.

Accessible travel and comfortable accommodation

The goal of the project is to make recreation and travel for children with ASD and their families as accessible and comfortable as possible, which will be the beginning of large-scale changes in the field of tourism and recreation.

This cooperation is a step towards the formation of an inclusive society, one that provides the best conditions for the social adaptation of children with disabilities.

The airline outlines some key elements for this transformation of tourism as follows:

Study and analysis

the study of successful international practices in the organization of inclusive travel in fields of aviation and tourism and their implementation on the Ukrainian market.


Research on the identification of specific needs of children on the autism spectrum and their families on the basis of the hub and the development of an effective plan.


The training of SkyUp fleet crews and the Join UP! team, with the help of qualified specialists and training for guides on ASD issues.

Flight preparation

Creation of a project for psychological preparation of children for travel: development of illustrated instruction books together with LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB methodologists, conducting briefings for families and meetings with crews before the flight;

Tourism and social responsibility

“SkyUp and Join UP! are notably two large socially responsible participants in the tourism market. The team state that inclusiveness is a natural part of changes to the travel market, and children are the main focus.

Cooperation with the Future for Ukraine fund and the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB center created by them becomes the first step on the way to these large-scale changes that the airline is initiating.

“We will continue to draw society’s attention to the problem and do everything we can to solve it,” Marianna Hryhorash, Marketing Director of SkyUp Airlines, comments.

“Children with autism spectrum disorders experience great stress against the backdrop of wartime realities. Especially considering the fact that they were forced to leave their homes, and some of them witnessed hostilities and destruction, experienced the loss of loved ones.”

“It is important for us to minimize upheavals for them and create an environment where they feel safe. That is why we are always looking for and comprehensively involving partners who share our values and desire to take care of the smallest Ukrainians.”

“Our partnership with SkyUp is an example of such collaboration,” Olena Nikolayenko, Head of the FFU Poland board, volunteer curator of strategy and development of FFU Ukraine, says.


The center for helping children with autism spectrum disorders, LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB, started working in February this year.

The organization will primarily help the children of displaced persons, because, due to the war and forced relocation, they faced an additional burden and are experiencing extremely strong stress.

It is planned to aid more than 100 children with ASD every month.

Currently, the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB conducts about 500 free remedial classes every month, which help children on the autism spectrum develop household skills and speech, relieve mental and physical tension, integrate into society, and reveal their talents.

Such classes contribute to the adaptation of children on the autism spectrum to the new realities of life during the war and their integration into society.

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