Singapore Airlines increases Perth flight frequency

A Singapore Airlines Boeing 787 approaches to land in Perth.
Bahnfrend, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Singapore Airlines has announced that it is boosting its flight frequency on the Singapore – Perth – Singapore route.

The route has become so popular that the Singaporean carrier is introducing a seasonal service to Perth from Singapore between the months of November and March – four times a week as SQ 213 and SQ 226. This service will become a daily flight depending on demand as of the end of March 2024. 

Perth Airport perspective

Kate Holsgrove, Acting CEO of Perth Airport stated that the airline is making a bold and important step towards the aviation industry of Western Australia. Not this is a brave move by Singapore Airlines, but this will contribute significantly to the recovery of the industry in the state.

Singapore Airlines is one of the most important international airlines in Perth, and is making an essential contribution to the aviation scene of Australia. The South-East Asian carrier is also returning to its pre-Covid capacity. 

Singapore Airlines’ latest flight will utilize its regional flagship, the  Airbus A350-900 which offers 303 seats (40 business and 263 Economy). This will add an additional 220,584 seats between the Singaporean and the Western Australian route. 

The CEO commented on the airline: “We’ve got strong business, education, trade, and tourism links with Singapore and Singapore Airlines has a long and proud record of linking the world with Western Australia – a relationship which has delivered enormous benefits for Western Australia for more than 55 years.”


Singapore second biggest tourism market

Singapore remains Western Australia’s second biggest international visitor market, injecting $214 million into the WA economy in visitor expenditure for the year ending in March.

The introduction of its fourth daily service is another significant milestone for Singapore Airlines and highlights the commitment the airline has to the Perth and Western Australian market.

“Singapore is also a favorite tourism and business destination for Western Australians and also an important hub for travelers looking to head on to other international destinations,” the CEO concluded. 

Singapore Airlines is South East Asia’s largest airline in Australia. The Perth market is often neglected by other airlines in South East Asia, often being overshadowed by Sydney and Melbourne, and also at times Brisbane Airport.

Perth is slowly receiving Asian airlines in the post-Covid era, with Singapore Airlines leading the way, followed by airlines in Malaysia, and Indonesia in that order. Thai Airways has still yet to return to Perth after the airline pulled the plug when Covid struck the industry in 2020. 

Reflecting on the acting CEO’s comments, Singapore is an important destination not only for Western Australians but also for all Australians.

The country is essential in facilitating the connection between Australia and the rest of the world, given Australia’s remote geographical location. It is not surprising that Singapore Airlines is beefing its flights to Perth Airport. 


The latest flight to Perth of SQ213 will depart Singapore Changi Airport at 07:40, and land in Perth on the same day at 12:55. The return leg, of flight  SQ226 from Perth to Singapore, will take off at 14:10, arriving back in Singapore at 19:30.

The fourth flight to Perth from Singapore Airlines truly earns the airline the title of the ‘de-facto Australian’ expert.

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By Indy Udol 4 Min Read
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