Silver Airways receives new ATR 72 aircraft

A Silver Airways ATR 72-600 aircraft on the ramp.
Photo Credit: Silver Airways

Silver Airways, a Florida-based ATR operator, has taken delivery of its latest aircraft from Jetstream Aviation Capital LLC. The delivery took place earlier this month, on June 17.

The ten-year-old airframe started of its aviation career in Colombia’s Avianca, before eventually moving into Avianca Express until it was returned to the lessor earlier this year, in February.

The new delivery marks the books as Silver Airways’ 19th ATR series aircraft.

New kid on the block – N706SV

Silver Airways has officially taken delivery of their 19th ATR series aircraft, as N706SV was delivered to the company on June 17, the lessor Jetstream Aviation Capital (JAC) revealed on June 27.

The newly delivered ATR 72-600 aircraft concludes the fifth of the type in Silver Airways’ fleet, operating alongside the eight ATR 42-600 aircraft the company has.

Alongside its passenger fleet, the company also operate a fleet of five ATR 72-500 freighter aircraft for Amazon Prime Air.

On the delivery of the new ATR, Stuart Klaskin, Chief Executive of Jetstream Aviation Capital, said: “The delivery of MSN 1185 marks a pivotal moment in Jetstream’s thirteen-year history of leasing turboprops to the global regional airline community – the beginning of our journey with the ATR aircraft type.”

“It is fitting that the first delivery of this modern, efficient aircraft is to our customer of almost a decade, Silver Airways, which formerly leased a significant number of Saab 340s from Jetstream. It is a pleasure and honor to continue our relationship with our friends at Silver into the future with the ATR aircraft.”

Chief Executive Officer of Silver Airways, Steve Rossum, also commented on the delivery, saying: “We are thrilled with the newest addition of this ATR 72-600 into our fleet of ATR-600 series aircraft, one of many more to arrive at Silver in the coming months.”

“Increasing our fleet size will allow us to operate more frequency to the destinations our passengers frequent and love, and the possibilities of adding new and exciting routes and destinations are on the horizon.”

“Our continuing partnership with Jetstream Aviation Capital has been invaluable to Silver Airways, allowing us to grow and maintain our safe and reliable operation.”

About Silver Airways

Silver Airways is a Florida-based airline with its main hub being at the Fort Lauderdaule Hollywood Int’l Airport (FLL). Thus far in its aircraft history, the company has been seen operating both ATR-series aircraft, as well as the SAAB 340 aircraft fleet which they retired in late 2022.

The airline holds a fleet of now 19 ATR 42/72 aircraft, five of which are on lease to Amazon Prime Cargo for air cargo operations across the United States.

The airline was founded on May 21, 2011, and commenced operations later the same year, on December 15, 2011. Since its launch over a decade ago, it has grown to hold over 850 employees, has 28 destinations and is run by Chief Executive Officer Steve Rossum.

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