Scandinavian Carrier SAS to Join SkyTeam Alliance

SAS flight crew with Scandinavian national flags.
Photo Credit; SAS

A new chapter in air travel connectivity begins as Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) signs an agreement to join the SkyTeam alliance on September 1st, 2024.

This marks a significant milestone for both parties, solidifying a commitment to a smooth transition for all travelers.

The Alliance Adherence Agreement (AAA) signed on April 29th signifies a major step towards SAS’s official integration into SkyTeam’s global network.

This collaboration strengthens SkyTeam’s reach by adding key Scandinavian hubs, offering a wider range of destinations, and creating a more seamless travel experience.

Benefits for EuroBonus Members

Immediate access to advantages across most SkyTeam airlines: Upon joining, EuroBonus members will enjoy various benefits, including recognition based on their tier.

Silver members will be recognized as SkyTeam Elite, while Gold and Diamond members will experience Elite Plus privileges.

This translates to access to an extensive network of over 750 airport lounges and SkyPriority services like priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling at eight key airports.

Enhanced Connectivity and Unmatched Choice

Effortless travel across a broader network: SAS customers will gain access to SkyTeam’s impressive network of over 1,060 destinations. This encompasses both familiar favorites and previously unserved cities, particularly in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Alignment on Quality and Innovation: SkyTeam and SAS share a common vision of providing exceptional value to travelers through superior products, innovation, and dedicated service.

Stakeholder Comments

Andrés Conesa, SkyTeam Chairman, emphasizes the shared vision: “SAS’ commitment to a more integrated and responsible travel experience aligns perfectly with SkyTeam’s values.”

“Together with our members, we’re dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for customers when SAS joins our alliance.”

Patrick Roux, SkyTeam CEO, welcomes SAS: “We’re thrilled to officially welcome SAS on its path to joining SkyTeam.”

“Their well-deserved reputation for reliability, quality, and service makes them a perfect fit for our alliance. We look forward to collaborating and shaping the future of travel together.”

Photo Credit: SAS

Anko van der Werff, SAS President and CEO, further celebrates the milestone. “Reaching this pivotal point in SAS’s alliance transition is a source of great excitement.”

“EuroBonus members will gain access to a wealth of new destinations and benefits within the SkyTeam family. This marks the beginning of a promising future for all stakeholders.”

Existing SkyTeam members serving SAS’s hubs include Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines, and Middle East Airlines.

This strategic partnership further strengthens the combined network, offering travelers unparalleled connectivity and a world-class travel experience.

About SAS

Scandinavian Airlines, simply known as SAS, is a major airline carrier serving the Scandinavian region and beyond.

The national carrier has a strong reputation for reliability, quality service, and a focus on key Scandinavian hubs.

SAS offers a comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers flying within Europe and to other international destinations.

SAS operates a network of routes connecting major cities across Scandinavia, including Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), and Stockholm (Sweden).

They also offer flights to various destinations in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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