SAUDIA Flies Additional Flights to 14 Destinations

A SAUDIA Boeing 787 lines up on the runway.
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, SAUDIA announced that it will ramp up its flight to major destinations around the globe in the upcoming months.


This comes in line with the country’s objective to become a major aviation hub in the region, and to strengthen its commercial aviation connectivity.

Its international presence will revamp the country’s competitiveness and also offers more convenience and flexibility for travellers flying Saudia.  


Bangkok – Thailand

As of March 26, the Saudi carrier will be adding 3 extra flights between the Thai capital and Jeddah. This means that SAUDIA will be flying to Bangkok for a total of 10 flights weekly, with daily flights from Jeddah and 3 flights per week from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. 

Seoul – South Korea 

As of March 26, SAUDIA will be flying non-stop from both Saudi cities of Jeddah and Riyadh to Seoul. This means that SAUDIA will link Seoul with 4 flights weekly, 2 being non-stop flights a week from Jeddah and the other 2 from Riyadh. 

Guangzhou – China

As of March 26, Guangzhou will be served from Jeddah with three flights a week and will introduce two weekly flights from Riyadh respectively. 

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 

As of March 26, SAUDIA will be adding three flights per week between the two capitals of Riyadh and Kuala Lumpur.

The extra flights will mean that the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia will be larger than ever with a total of 24 weekly flights, with 21 flights coming from Jeddah and the other 3 from Riyadh. 



As of March 27, the Saudi carrier will be flying to the city-state non-stop from Jeddah thrice weekly, with the new non-stop flights will be a stop-over from Male. 

Jakarta – Indonesia

As of March 28, SAUDIA will add additional three services a week between Riyadh and Indonesia’s capital. The airline will also increase the existing service between Jeddah and Jakarta by adding three more flights per week.

As a result, the newly added flights boost the carrier’s footprint at Jakarta to 24 flights per week from 21 flights per week.


Athens – Greece

As of March 28, the airline will be flying to Athens from Jeddah thrice weekly. SAUDIA will also be flying three new weekly flights from Riyadh to Athens from 23rd June. 

London – United Kingdom 

As of May 1, SAUDIA will be flying its third daily flight from Riyadh to London. Also from the first of July, the airline will increase its flights between Jeddah and London to double daily.

This means SAUDIA will fly 35 flights per week to the British capital, with 14 from Jeddah and 21 flights from Riyadh each week. 

Istanbul – Turkey

As of the 23 June, SAUDIA will add a second daily flight between Istanbul and Riyadh. The extra service will tremendously increase the carrier’s presence in the Turkish city to 35 flights per week, with 21 flights from Jeddah and 14 from the Saudi capital. 

Milan – Italy

As of 23 June, SAUDIA will now fly to the Italian city of Milan daily. The airline will also introduce new weekly flights from the capital Riyadh, in lieu of the current four flights weekly from Jeddah. 

Geneva – Switzerland

As of 24 June, SAUDIA will be flying to the Swiss city of Geneva, double daily. These daily flights will be from Jeddah and Riyadh to Geneva. 

Barcelona – Spain 

As of 25 June, the airline will be flying four flights to Barcelona from Jeddah. 

Vienna – Austria

As of 23 June, SAUDIA will fly to the award-winning European city of Vienna daily. The airline will fly three weekly flights from Riyadh, in addition to the current four flights from the city of Jeddah. 

Paris – France

As of 1 August, flights between Jeddah and Paris flights will increase from daily flights to double daily. This means that SAUDIA’s flights will increase to Paris to 21 per week, with 14 flights from Jeddah and 7 from the capital each week. 

Captain Ibrahim Koshy SAUDIA’s CEO, commented on SAUDIA’s ever-growing of its on international network expansion: “We are pleased to offer our guests more flights to Europe’s most important cities.”

“The increase in frequency also means greater connectivity to our growing network and the opportunity to welcome more visitors to the Kingdom,” he stated.

By the summer of 2023, SAUDIA will be flying 56 weekly services to destinations beyond Saudi Arabia to 14 cities.

This shows that SAUDIA is willing to expand amidst speculation of the launching of Riyadh Air, signalling the airline’s resilience and commitment to growth.

By Indy Udol 6 Min Read
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