SAUDIA elevates its game with new seats proposed

SAUDIA airline personnel try new cabin seating.
Photo Credit: SAUDIA

SAUDIA, the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, is embarking on a modernization process by enhancing its seat models proposed for its prospective fleet and to retrofit its current fleet.

The airline is now prioritizing its guest’s choices and feedback at the core of decision-making in order to make itself a more competitive airline. 

This comes after the airline unveiled a range of modern and cutting-edge high-tech seat models for the upcoming fleet of aircraft and also retrofit its current aging fleet, as part of the larger plan for modernizing its aircraft.

This aims to revolutionize the travel experience for passengers to compete with the growing competitive landscape in the Middle East market.

The show-casing event took three days for those in the airline and exhibitors to try out new seating models for its Business and Economy class seats. 

Riik@mctr, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Which aircraft?

SAUDIA has proposed that the new seats will be installed on the forthcoming fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, which is slated to join the airline’s fleet as of 2025.

This will be the total number of aircraft to be given to SAUDIA at 39. Moreover, the airline is also undergoing continuous development projects for its current fleet of its aging A330 and its largest fleet: Boeing 777.

The urge for the airline to undergo such upgrades is the feedback they have received from guests, that an upgrade of its hard products i.e. seats, and in-flight entertainment systems are much needed.

In addition, the airline has launched a new inflight entertainment system called BEYOND. This new system, it allows guests to experience a rich and interactive entertainment system, catering to all age groups and passenger demographics. 

More than just retrofitting planes

Not only does SAUDIA wans to become more modern and improve its guest experience, but it is also part of the broader goal to transform the airline into a global player, connecting the Kingdom to the world.

With SAUDIA aiming to grow its footprint, let it be through sponsorship, destinations, and number of fleets, it is crucial for the airline to transform itself 

During the unveiling event, the airline had good traction, with good feedback from members of the frequent flier Al-Fursan. At the event, His Excellency Engr. Ibrahim Al Omar, Director General of SAUDIA Group was also present. 

Business Class

The new Business class features a fully flat 180-degree seat with automatic sliding doors, which is somewhat now an industry standard. Some booths also showcased suits 32 inches with 4K resolution. 

Economy Class

SAUDIA also takes pride in the economy class seating, where models are equipped with the latest comfort features, including a huge storage area with 13.3-inch seatback entertainment screens. 

2023 Arabian travel market 

At this travel market in Dubai, SAUDIA had previously unveiled a new cutting-edge Business Class seat, which is set to be installed on their new Airbus A321XLR long-haul aircraft.

All-in-all, SAUDIA is preparing for an ever-challenging and competitive aviation landscape in the Kingdom and the region.

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