SAS to complete last Boeing 737 flight in November

An SAS Boeing 737 takes off.
Photo Credit: Joris Wendt/AviationSource

As of 19 November, Major Scandinavian carrier Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) will put an end to decades of Boeing 737 fleet operations, with the last commercial flight to take place on the evening of November 19 between Stockholm Arlanda and Oslo Gardermoen.

The initial plans of phasing out the Boeing 737 has been known for the past three years, with the company gradually phasing in their dominating Airbus A320neo fleet, further enabling SAS to become greener and more efficient with the newer generation aircraft.

AviationSource is to be present on the last commercial flight, and will provide and in-depth report on the event from start to end!

End of an Era: Last 737 flight

Having previously been seen operating an inter-scandinavian and inter-european route network with Boeing 737s all the way from the 737-400 to the Boeing 737-800, the carrier is nowadays more seen flying its Airbus fleet to the same destinations.

SAS made it known a few years back that the Boeing 737 would eventually see its fate and retirement, given the company’s introduction of more fuel-efficient and greener aircraft from Boeing’s European rival – Airbus.


First speculated amongst the Norwegian spotting community in early 2023, the Boeing 737 fleet was reportedly to be held from retirement until the beginning of 2024 due increasing demand, however that seems to be a far-fetched plan for SAS.

It was recently revealed on SAS’ social media accounts that the end of the 737 era was to take place on November 19 2023, under the flight number of SK737, and at the time of writing, the flight has been sold out.

AviationSource writer Adrian Olstad will be present on this historic moment in Scandinavian aviation, thus leaving an in-depth experience report in the time after.

According to the SAS flight status website, the last Boeing 737 to leave the fleet and also to operate the final flight is LN-RRB, a 16 year old Boeing 737-700 aircraft. SAS has previously phased out their Boeing 737-800 fleet earlier this year.

Photo Credit: Alan Wilson from Stilton, Peterborough, Cambs, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Currently active 737s in SAS fleet

As mentioned earlier, SAS has already phased out the majority of their Boeing 737 fleet, with the last 737-600 bidding farewell in November of 2019, and the 737-800 in late spring of this year.

However, some do remain active until the last flight this November, and one special 737 is to remain until 2024.

The current active commercial Boeing 737 fleet consists of just four Boeing 737-700 aircraft, respectively registered LN-RRA (MSN 30471), LN-RRB (MSN 32276), LN-TUM (MSN 29098) and SE-RJX (MSN 34754).

SAS recently also transferred the fifth commercial Boeing 737 remaining to Canadian North (5T) after repainting in Ostrava. The aircraft was regsitered LN-RNW (MSN 34549), but will continue under the registration C-FHCN.

Despite all these leaving the fleet, the sole Boeing 737-700 of SAS without winglets registered LN-RPJ (MSN 30192), will likely remain airborne until 2024 reasoned a contract with the Norwegian military.

The aircraft has for the past year been operating exclusively under contract in equipment transfer and medical transport due the Ukraine war.

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