SAS launches EuroBonus Conscious Traveler Program in 2024

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In a bold move toward a more sustainable future, SAS is set to unveil its EuroBonus Conscious Traveler program in January 2024.

This innovative rewards initiative aims to empower EuroBonus members to make environmentally conscious choices throughout their entire travel experience with SAS, turning sustainability into a rewarding journey.

A Sustainable Odyssey

“SAS, together with the aviation industry, is on a journey toward a more sustainable future, and we invite our customers to join us in this effort,” emphasizes Aron Backström, Vice President, Product & Loyalty at SAS.

“The airline envisions a collective effort involving airlines, manufacturers, policy makers, suppliers, and travelers to drive the crucial transformation journey forward.”

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The Core of Conscious Traveler

At the core of the EuroBonus Conscious Traveler program lies a singular goal: engaging customers in the pursuit of net zero emissions.

SAS’s strategy focuses on creating awareness and motivating travelers to choose sustainable options at every stage of their journey.

SAS, as a company, has been actively reducing its environmental footprint. From waste reduction and recycling to introducing fuel-efficient aircraft, the airline has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability.

Starting December 1st, SAS will exclusively purchase biofuel for all staff travels, marking another significant step in their eco-friendly endeavors.

A Departure from Carbon Offsetting

With the launch of EuroBonus Conscious Traveler, SAS will cease carbon offset provision to EuroBonus travelers. The airline believes in proactively reducing total emissions rather than compensating after the fact.

This entails a focus on scaling up sustainable aviation fuel production and investing in emerging technologies for greener flights.

SAS bids farewell to carbon offsetting as of December 1, 2023, redirecting its efforts to reward EuroBonus members participating in the sustainable travel journey through the Conscious Traveler program.

How It Works

Becoming a Conscious Traveler involves completing ten or more sustainable actions within a calendar year, unlocking access to a range of rewards. These actions may include:

  1. Learning about Sustainable Aviation Fuel: Stay informed about eco-friendly aviation practices.
  2. Purchasing Biofuel: Contribute to a greener future by choosing biofuel options.
  3. Donating EuroBonus Points to Charity: Make a positive impact beyond your journey.
  4. Conscious Shopping: Purchase sustainable products from the SAS EuroBonus shop.
  5. Reducing Food Waste: Optimize meal choices to minimize environmental impact.
  6. Embracing Sustainability Throughout the Journey: Make conscious choices from departure to destination.

A Call to Action

Through the Conscious Traveler initiative, SAS provides passengers with a platform to actively support and shape a more sustainable future. By opting for conscious choices, travelers not only reduce their carbon footprint but also earn well-deserved rewards for their commitment.

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