Ryanair unveils Summer 2024 plans for Rome

A parked Ryanair aircraft.
Photo Credit: Piotr Mitelski/Ryanair

Ryanair has launched its summer operation from Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino) with 7 new routes to Dubrovnik, Gdansk, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Malta, Paris and Riga.

The airline will base 2 new B737 aircraft at Fiumicino, creating 60 new high-paid jobs for pilots, cabin crew and engineers.

Summer 2024 Schedule Rome

Ryanair has officially launched its summer operation from Rome, unveiling 7 new routes for the upcoming peak travel season.

Dubrovnik, Gdansk, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Malta, Paris and Riga, will all see new flight services for the peak season. These route additions take the budget carrier’s Rome network complement to 82 routes in total.

These additions mark not only an expansion of destinations but also a significant investment of $200 million by Ryanair, as the airline bases two new Boeing B737 aircraft at Fiumicino.

This not only represents a strong regional economic injection but also creates sixty new employment positions for pilots, cabin crew, and engineers.


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The Rise of Rome

As Ryanair’s summer 2024 schedule unfolds, Rome is poised for a remarkable ascent, witnessing:

  • 82 routes in total
  • A notable surge in traffic by 15%, surpassing 11 million passengers per year
  • A fleet augmentation with 2 new B737-based aircraft, bringing the total to 17
  • A commendable creation of over 8,600 jobs, including 500 high-paying positions for pilots, flight attendants, and engineers

However, amidst this soaring success story, something of a shadow looms over Italy’s aviation landscape.

The government’s decision to augment the municipal surtax threatens to stifle growth, rendering Italian airports less competitive than their EU counterparts in Spain, Portugal, and Greece.

Ryanair’s Plea to the Italian Government

In a bid to safeguard connectivity, jobs, and tourism, Ryanair urges the Italian Government to abolish the unjustified municipal surcharge at all Italian airports.

This outspoken move is pivotal in positioning Italy as a formidable player in the European tourism sector, ensuring sustained growth in traffic, tourism, and employment opportunities.

Ryanair’s Exclusive 3-Day Promotion

To celebrate the unveiling of the 7 new routes for Rome in the Summer of 2024, Ryanair has launched an exclusive 3-day promotion.

Fares starting from just €19.99 are available only on ryanair.com. This initiative not only supports Ryanair’s commitment to affordable travel but also invites millions of Roman citizens and visitors to experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Ryanair flights.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary Comments

Speaking from Rome, roaming CEO Michael O’Leary expressed his delight, stating, “Ryanair is thrilled to announce 7 new routes from Rome on the S24, offering more choice at the lowest fares in Italy.”

“We look forward to welcoming millions more Roman citizens/visitors on board Ryanair flights to/from Rome Ciampino and Fiumicino airports next summer.”

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