Ryanair to increase Brussels presence in Summer 2024

A Ryanair Boeing 737-8200 taxiing.
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Ryanair, the leading Belgian and European airline, has launched its summer 2024 program for Brussels with an offering of 126 routes, including 6 new services from Charleroi to Amman, Cork, Dubrovnik, Gothenburg, Sarajevo and Tirana.

Boosting its presence, the airline will base two new Boeing 737 aircraft at Charleroi (a $200 million investment), which will in turn create 60 new, highly paid jobs for pilots, cabin crew and engineers.

Ryanair Summer 2024 Schedule

Summer 2024 in Brussels: 126 routes, including six new destinations from Charleroi: Amman, Cork, Dubrovnik, Gothenburg, Sarajevo, and Tirana. Two new based aircraft and 60 new jobs.

Expanded Fleet and Economic Boost for Charleroi

Ryanair is making a bold statement with a $200 million investment, introducing two new B737 aircraft in Charleroi, bringing the total fleet to an impressive 18 aircraft and a cumulative investment of $2 billion.

This operational move expands the airline’s capabilities and creates further opportunities. The addition of these aircraft translates into the creation of 60 new, highly-paid jobs for pilots, cabin crew, and engineers, solidifying Ryanair’s commitment to contributing to the local economy.

A Ryanair aircraft parked at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.
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126 Routes Including 6 New Destinations

The summer 2024 program is set to elevate the travel experience for passengers, offering a whopping 126 routes.

The introduction of six new destinations from Charleroi adds a layer of excitement for avid travelers. From the historical charm of Dubrovnik to the vibrant culture of Gothenburg, each destination has been carefully selected to cater to diverse travel preferences.

A testament to Ryanair’s growing influence, the anticipated increase in traffic at Brussels is staggering. With an 8% surge, the number of passengers is expected to exceed 10.4 million per year.

This upswing in travel is not just about numbers; it’s about unlocking new possibilities for the city, connecting people, and fostering economic growth.

Economic Impact

Beyond the aircraft and routes, Ryanair’s impact on the job market is noteworthy. The summer program is set to generate more than 8,300 jobs, including 540 positions for highly-skilled professionals in the aviation sector.

This not only bolsters the airline’s workforce but also contributes significantly to the broader regional employment landscape.

Challenges in the EU Skies

Despite the positive momentum, challenges persist in European airspace. Ryanair, ever the advocate for passenger rights, has submitted a petition to the European Commission titled “Protect Overflights: Keep EU Skies Open.”

The petition, supported by over 2 million frustrated passengers, urges action to safeguard overflights during air traffic control (ATC) strikes.

The rise in ATC strikes—67 days in 2023, a significant increase from the previous year—has prompted Ryanair to call for immediate measures to protect passengers and maintain the integrity of EU skies.

Despite the mounting evidence of the impact of ATC strikes, Ursula von der Leyen and the European Commission have yet to take substantial action.

Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, emphasizes the urgency of the matter, urging the EU president to prioritize the protection of overflights and the interests of EU consumers.

The airline’s call for action aims to ensure the resilience of the single market for air transport within the EU.


To celebrate the addition of two new planes and six exciting routes for summer 2024, Ryanair has launched a limited-time seat sale.

With prices starting from an enticing €19.99, these exclusive deals are available only on the airline’s website.

It’s the perfect opportunity for travel enthusiasts to seize the moment and plan their summer adventures at unbeatable prices.

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