Ryanair Invests $100m Into New Trieste Summer Operation

Ryanair Invests $100m Into New Trieste Summer Operation
Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

Ryanair has this week announced a record investment into Trieste, to the tune of $100m for the Summer 2024 season.

The Irish low-cost carrier has said this growth is as a result of the region abolishing the municipal tax.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Ryanair’s Summer Operation in Trieste…

Ryanair Invests $100m Into New Trieste Summer Operation
Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

Ryanair will create up to 600 jobs in Trieste, thanks to the airport being labelled a “Gamechanger” base.

This is after their Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft.

It is understood that 18 routes will be on offer, of which seven are new, with them being as follows:

  • Berlin
  • Brindisi
  • Budapest
  • Krakow
  • Olbia
  • Paris
  • Seville

Commenting on the news was Marco Consalvo, the CEO of Trieste Airport, who said the following:

“The summer flight season, which began on 31 March 2024, started very well and is already recording a positive trend also with regards to the new destinations inaugurated thanks to the opening of the Ryanair base: Berlin, Brindisi, Krakow, Paris, Seville, Olbia”.

“The destination Budapest, departing from 02 June, also has excellent booking levels”.

“Thanks to this operation with Ryanair, we offer new travel opportunities for residents and incoming tourism is strengthened thanks to connections on new strategic tourist markets for Friuli Venezia Giulia such as the German, Polish, French and Spanish ones”.

Wilson Praises The Municipal Government…

Ryanair Invests $100m Into New Trieste Summer Operation
Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

Also commenting on this milestone was Ryanair’s Eddie Wilson, who praised the Municipal Government of Trieste:

“As the number 1 airline in Europe and Italy, Ryanair is pleased to announce the official opening of its new base in Trieste.”

“Ryanair responded promptly to the initiative of the FVG region to abolish the unjustified municipal/tourist tax by assigning 1 new “Gamechanger” 8-200 aircraft (investment of 100 million dollars).”

“Ryanair’s growth in capacity and 7 new routes (18 total) to Berlin, Brindisi, Budapest, Krakow, Olbia, Paris and Seville from Trieste this summer – will boost the Region’s economic growth with the creation of 600 jobs local jobs.”

“Ryanair praises President Fedriga’s innovative strategy aimed at abolishing the unjustified municipal/tourist tax in the FVG region.”

“This change will allow the region to support tourism growth, improve connectivity and generate lower rates for citizens and visitors.”

“All Italian airports will benefit from the massive growth in the following years, if the Italian State eliminated this regressive municipal/tourist tax as demonstrated by the study by the University of Milan (Bicocca) presented in Rome a few weeks ago in which it supported the possibility of obtaining up to 9 million more passengers per year, which would lead to an increase in GDP of 4.2 billion euros and the creation of over 65,000 jobs.”

“Should the Italian Government abolish the municipal/tourism tax, Ryanair will respond with a $4 billion investment in Italy, adding 40 new planes, 20m additional passengers p.a. and over 250 new routes, over the next 5 years.”


Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

Overall, this is yet another milestone for Ryanair due to what they have achieved in Trieste.

The fight against Municipal Governments in Italy is clearly working to their advantage.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on what performance we will see out of the Italian airport.

For now, let’s see how their Summer season goes.

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