Ryanair extends maintenance agreement in Amman with Joramco

A Ryanair aircraft parked in front of the Joramco hangaer in Amman, Jordan.
Photo Credit: Joramco

Major low-cost carrier Ryanair has recently announced a significant extension to its maintenance agreement with Joramco, a prominent MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) provider based in Jordan.

This expanded agreement will see the airline undertake 10 lines of heavy maintenance for the next 10 years at their MRO facility in Amman, Jordan.

With Ryanair’s projected fleet plan, this agreement will ensure that the airline has flexibility around where it places its aircraft for upcoming winter maintenance seasons.

The announcement comes just after Joramco successfully completed its 100th ‘C’ Check for Ryanair.

The Expanded Agreement

Enhanced Fleet Maintenance

With Ryanair’s fleet set to surpass 800 aircraft by the end of the decade, efficient maintenance practices become paramount.

The extended agreement with Joramco ensures that Ryanair has access to top-notch maintenance facilities and services for 10 lines of heavy maintenance over the next decade.


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Flexibility and Scalability

The agreement will provide Ryanair with the flexibility to manage its maintenance needs effectively, particularly during winter maintenance seasons.

This operational flexibility is crucial for an airline of Ryanair’s scale and its intended growth trajectory.

Commitment to Quality

By partnering with Joramco in Amman, Ryanair reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability for its passengers.

Joramco has a track record of excellence and its state-of-the-art facilities align appropriately with Ryanair’s stringent quality requirements.

Advantages of Joramco’s Facilities

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Joramco boasts a sprawling 110,000 square meter facility equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure tailored for heavy maintenance tasks.

As Ryanair expands its fleet, Joramco’s extensive facilities provide ample capacity to accommodate the increased maintenance demands.

This scalability is vital for sustaining Ryanair’s growth momentum without compromising on maintenance quality.

Innovation and Sustainability

With Ryanair’s recent order of 300 Boeing 737 MAX-10 aircraft, Joramco’s commitment to innovation and sustainability becomes even more relevant.

The airline projects it will grow to carry over 300m passengers per year by 2034. These new, fuel-efficient, greener technology aircraft offer 21% more seats, burn 20% less fuel, and are 50% quieter than Boeing 737-NGs.

Overall, the new aircraft present significant advantages in terms of fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability, aligning with Ryanair’s broader plan for greener operations.

Comments from Ryanair and Joramco Leadership

Neal McMahon, Ryanair’s Chief Operations Officer, expressed his delight at the extended agreement with Joramco.

He emphasized Joramco’s excellent standards and state-of-the-art facilities, underscoring the enduring strength of their partnership.

Fraser Currie, Joramco’s Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the successful completion of Joramco’s 100th C check for Ryanair at their Amman facility as a testament to their commitment to safety and reliability.

The extended agreement solidifies the partnership between Ryanair and Joramco, ensuring efficient and timely maintenance services for Ryanair’s growing fleet.

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