Ryanair boosts its London presence for Summer 2024

A line-up of Ryanair aircraft at sunset.
Photo Credit: Ryanair
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Fleet additions, new route allocations and a boost to the local economy with new jobs – Ryanair, has just unveiled its most ambitious S24 schedule for London.

This comprehensive expansion, launched on January 16, boasts an impressive array of 200 routes, including 7 novel destinations: Basel, Dubrovnik, Palma, Sarajevo, Tatry, Tirana, and Treviso.

With an additional investment of $200 million, Ryanair is set to base two new Boeing 737 aircraft in London, bringing the total fleet to 56 and creating over 150 new high-paying jobs for pilots, cabin crew, and engineers.

Ryanair S24 Schedule: Key Highlights

Expanded Routes

Ryanair’s S24 schedule introduces 7 exciting new routes, enhancing connectivity and opening doors to previously undiscovered destinations.

Fleet Enhancement

The addition of 2 new B737 aircraft, representing a substantial $5.6 billion investment, solidifies Ryanair’s commitment to offering an extensive and efficient fleet.


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Traffic Surge in London

Anticipating a surge in passenger traffic, Ryanair forecasts London’s annual passenger count to soar beyond 30 million.

Job Creation

The expansion contributes significantly to London’s job market, generating over 24,000 jobs, including 1,700 high-paying positions for pilots, cabin crew, and engineers.

Air Traffic Control Woes: A Thorn in the Side

Despite Ryanair’s relentless commitment to growth in London, the efficiency of the UK’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS ATC) remains a persistent challenge.

The airline says that NATS ATC’s repeated failures in June, August, and December 2023 have led to countless cancellations and delays, jeopardizing the travel plans of millions of passengers.

Ryanair perceives this inefficiency as raising serious concerns about the leadership, prompting their calls for the removal of CEO Martin Rolfe in favor of a more competent replacement.

Photo Credit: Ryanair

Battling Online Travel Agency Pirates

Another storm on the horizon for the major budget carrier is the prevalence of online travel agency (OTA) pirates, which Ryanair has named as including eDreams, Kiwi, Opodo, and Onthebeach.

The airline has alleged that these entities engage in unlawful screenscraping of Ryanair’s website, manipulating data to overcharge consumers for flights and ancillary services.

Their tactics involve hidden mark-ups, invented “service” fees, and the provision of fake customer contact and payment details.

Ryanair has subsequently called on the UK government and consumer agencies to take decisive action against this internet piracy, protecting consumers from deceptive practices.


To commemorate the launch of the 2 new aircraft and 7 additional routes, Ryanair is offering a limited-time seat sale, with fares starting at just £19.99, exclusively at their website.

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s CEO, expresses his enthusiasm for the expansion, saying: “Ryanair is pleased to announce 2 new aircraft ($200m) and 7 new routes for London in S24 (Basel, Dubrovnik, Palma, Sarajevo, Tatry, Tirana, and Treviso), and the creation of 150 high paid aviation jobs.”

O’Leary once again emphasized the need for swift action against NATS ATC inefficiencies and OTA Pirates’ exploitative practices.

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Ryanair has announced plans to add 2 additional aircraft, 7 new routes and 150 new jobs to its London network for the Summer 2024 season.
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