Ryanair Applauds IAA Ruling on Dublin Airport Pricing

A Ryanair B737 at Dublin Airport
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Budget carrier Ryanair has welcomed the Irish Aviation Authority’s (IAA) recent decision regarding Dublin Airport’s pricing structure.

The IAA found the airport’s proposed 11% increase for 2024 to be non-compliant with European regulations.

Dublin Airport Pricing: Concerns Raised

In December 2023, Ryanair raised concerns with the IAA about the proposed price hikes. The carrier argued that they exceeded inflation and lacked genuine environmental incentives.

The airline also criticized Dublin Airport Authority (daa) for failing to introduce effective programs that encourage airlines to adopt quieter, lower-emission aircraft.

The IAA’s ruling confirms Ryanair’s claims. The regulatory body found that daa’s environmental initiatives were inadequate and fell short of EU regulations.

These shortcomings forced Ryanair to relocate 19 of its more environmentally friendly “Gamechanger” aircraft to airports offering growth incentives and acknowledging sustainability efforts.

A Call to Remove Discriminatory Price Hikes

Ryanair presented daa with a model developed by an independent consultancy firm. This model offered a framework for implementing environmental charges.  It would reward airlines for operating new, low-emission aircraft while penalizing flights with low passenger loads. However, daa disregarded this proposal.

Ryanair calls for the immediate removal of the discriminatory price hikes and the implementation of effective environmental charges that promote sustainable aviation practices at Dublin Airport.

The airline also urges Ireland’s Transport Minister, Eamon Ryan, to address the long-standing 32 million passenger traffic cap at the airport.

This cap, implemented in 2007, is seen as a significant barrier to growth and a contributing factor to rising airfares.

2.8m People Used Dublin Airport in October: What About the Cuts?
Photo Credit: Dublin Airport.

Ryanair’s Eddie Wilson Comments

“We welcome the IAA’s ruling, which confirms that daa’s pricing structure does not comply with EU regulations and requires revision,” said Eddie Wilson.

“This is just the latest in a series of missteps by daa. This includes inadequate planning for security queues, peak season parking shortages, and the ongoing traffic cap issue.”

“Now, they’ve added non-compliance with environmental regulations to their list of failures,” he said.

Wilson emphasizes the positive impact this ruling can have on Irish citizens and visitors. He criticizes the high airport fees at Dublin, arguing that these fees fund unnecessary projects within daa’s €3 billion capital expenditure program.

He specifically cites the €250 million “tunnel to nowhere” project as an example of wasteful spending that offers no passenger benefit.

“We urge Transport Minister Eamon Ryan to intervene and instruct daa to scrap these discriminatory price hikes,” Wilson continues. “Instead, they should focus on removing the outdated traffic cap before it disrupts travel for thousands during the upcoming October school break and Christmas holidays.”

“This artificial restriction, implemented due to concerns about road access nearly two decades ago, is no longer relevant.”

“With competent leadership at daa and the Ministry of Transport, this cap could be eliminated. This paves the way for Irish tourism to flourish and create new jobs while the official removal process unfolds.”

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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