Ryanair announces major expansion at Zagreb Base

A Ryanair Boeing an the taxiway in Spain.
Bene Riobó, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Exciting news this week for budget travelers based in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb. Ryanair, Europe’s largest LCC, has recently announced some impressive plans to expand its operations out of Zagreb for the upcoming 2024 summer season.

With this move, Ryanair aims to solidify its position as a key player in the Croatian aviation market, providing travelers with more destinations and budget-friendly travel options for next year.

Zagreb expansion

Jason McGuinness, Chief Commercial Officer of Ryanair shared some of his thoughts regarding the announcement during a press conference in Zagreb. McGuinness remained positive about the news, highlighting the impressive growth that Ryanair’s Zagreb operations have seen.

The CCO further confirmed this announcing that Ryanair will “continue expanding in Zagreb, reinforcing connectivity, boosting the local economy, and catalyzing tourism.”

Ryanair’s expansion plans at Zagreb are primarily focused on its key business model of establishing direct connections to a diverse range of destinations.

McGuinness mentioned that during this summer, the airline “operated flights to nearly 30 destinations from Zagreb, to be precise 27”.

However, for the upcoming summer season in 2024, Ryanair’s goal is to surpass the 30 destinations mark. McGuiness said that the strategic push demonstrates the airline’s “strong partnership with Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, the Zagreb Airport General Manager, and his dedicated team”.


Strong recovery at Ryanair European bases

McGuinness additionally noted that last year, the Irish LCC carried “just over 900,000 passengers” out of their Zagreb base. This year, McGuinness is anticipating that the figure will rise to “approximately 1.2 million passengers”.

Ryanair has seen a very strong recovery across its European bases after COVID-19, with Zagreb being one of many destinations across Europe that the airline plans to add additional capacity for 2024.

Ryanair’s success in Zagreb can be attributed to its commitment to offering passengers the lowest fares and maintaining the lowest base costs among European airlines.

McGuinness stressed that Ryanair is the only airline in Europe actively expanding while consistently providing passengers with the most affordable travel options.

The airline’s strong dedication to competitive pricing and enhanced accessibility means Ryanair is becoming an ever-increasingly popular choice for travelers across Europe.

The announcement of Ryanair’s expansion plans is undoubtedly a positive development for both travelers and the local economy.

It showcases the airline’s commitment to fostering improved connectivity, offering travelers an ever-expanding array of destinations to explore, and contributing to the growth of tourism and commerce in the local region.

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By Lewis Dwyer 3 Min Read
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