Ryanair and Kiwi Partnership Takes Off

Ryanair and Kiwi managers celebrate new partnership.
Photo Credit: Ryanair

Major low-cost carrier Ryanair has announced that its budget-friendly flights can now be booked through Kiwi.com, a popular online travel agency (OTA).

Ryanair launched its “Approved OTA” program in January, and this partnership is one of its first initiatives.

Approved OTA Program Benefits

The Approved OTA Program comes after a protracted period which saw the carrier tussling with what it characterised as ‘OTA Pirates.’ Ryanair contended that some online travel agencies were engaging in practices including price gouging.

The approved program brings several benefits to Kiwi.com customers:

Combine Ryanair’s Low Fares with Kiwi.com’s Virtual Interlining

Travelers can enjoy Ryanair’s competitive pricing while taking advantage of Kiwi.com’s unique virtual interlining technology.

This allows for booking flights across different airlines on a single itinerary, opening up more travel options and potentially creating cheaper connections.

Bene Riobó, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Direct Communication and Booking Management

All flight-related information, including important updates and terms and conditions, will come directly from Ryanair.

Kiwi.com customers will also have access to their Ryanair bookings and manage them directly through their myRyanair account, eliminating the need for separate logins.

Simplified Booking Process

Kiwi.com bookings eliminate the need for Ryanair’s customer verification step, making the booking process smoother and faster.

Ryanair cabin crew staff at London Stansted.

A Positive Shift in Relationship

This partnership signifies a positive shift in the relationship between airlines and OTAs. Ryanair’s CEO, Eddie Wilson, highlighted the importance of transparency and collaboration.

“We’re delighted to partner with Kiwi.com, offering our low fares and clear pricing on their platform. Customers will also have the ease of managing their bookings through myRyanair.”

“This is a great step forward for travelers seeking a convenient and affordable travel experience.”

Close-up of a Ryanair Boeing 737

Kiwi.com’s CEO, Oliver Dlouhý, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the customer-centric focus. “We are incredibly proud to be chosen by Ryanair as their first OTA partner for flight bookings.”

“This recognition validates our commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service. Our collaboration with Ryanair reflects our dedication to building strong airline partnerships that benefit travelers and contribute to our long-term goals.”

With the peak summer travel season approaching, this partnership between Ryanair and Kiwi.com is sure to be a boon for budget-conscious travelers seeking a convenient and hassle-free way to explore Europe.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
3 Min Read
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