Ryanair Adds Summer Service Between Edinburgh and Bergerac

A Ryanair flight touched down in Edinburgh
Douglas Cairns, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ryanair, Europe’s budget airline, and a major presence at Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport, has unveiled its exciting summer program for 2024.

Passengers can expect to choose from 7 routes, including the brand new destination of Edinburgh.

This summer season, Ryanair remains committed to providing the Dordogne Périgord region with the most extensive network and the lowest fares.

Highlights of Ryanair’s Summer 2024 Program

Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport

  • 7 Routes: Passengers will have a wider selection of destinations to explore. This year sees the addition of Edinburgh as a new route.
  • Over 170,000 Passengers: Ryanair anticipates transporting a significant number of passengers this summer, contributing to the region’s economic growth.
  • More Than 120 Jobs Supported: Ryanair’s operations directly and indirectly create employment opportunities within the Dordogne Périgord region.
  • €21.99 Seat Sale: To celebrate the launch of the summer program, Ryanair is offering a special 3-day seat sale with fares starting from just €21.99. Bookings are exclusively available on Ryanair’s website.
A Ryanair cabin crew member exits and aircraft.
Photo Credit: Ryanair

Comments from Ryanair

“Ryanair is delighted to announce its Bergerac summer program for 2024, featuring 7 routes, including the exciting addition of Edinburgh,” said Elena Cabrera, Ryanair’s Communications Manager for France.

“This program provides Bergerac residents and visitors with even more possibilities to plan their summer getaways, all while enjoying Europe’s lowest fares.”

“Ryanair remains committed to offering the most extensive network and the most affordable prices to Bergerac. This summer, we expect to welcome over 170,000 passengers to and from the Dordogne-Périgord region, supporting more than 120 jobs.”

“To celebrate this summer program, we’ve launched a special 3-day seat sale with fares starting from just €21.99. Don’t miss out – visit the airline’s website today to book your summer escape!”

CCID MMR, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport

The airport is nestled amidst the rolling vineyards and medieval villages of Dordogne Périgord. Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport offers a convenient and scenic gateway to this captivating region of southwestern France.

The region has appeal for history buffs seeking to explore, and foodies yearning to savor the delights of local cuisine.

Nature lovers will find some breath-taking landscapes here, and Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport serves as the convenient starting point.

The airport boasts a comfortable and modern atmosphere, making your travel experience smooth and hassle-free.

With a variety of car rental agencies and public transportation options available on-site, you can easily connect to your final destination within the Dordogne Périgord region or explore neighboring areas at your own pace.

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