Royal Jordanian Acquires new A321 Freighter

A Royal Jordanian Airbus A321 freighter aircraft parked on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian (RJ) recently expanded its fleet with the addition of a brand new Airbus A321-200PF freighter, further strengthening its ability to meet the growing cargo industry demands.

This acquisition aligns with RJ’s fleet modernization strategy, aiming to reach a total of 41 aircraft within the next few years.

Medium-Haul Freighter Operations

The twin-engine, medium-haul freighter boasts impressive cargo capabilities. With a total payload capacity of 28 tons and a range of 3,500 kilometers, it offers ample space for efficient cargo transportation.

The aircraft features 14 pallet and container positions on the main deck, along with an additional 10 on the lower deck, making loading and offloading a breeze.

This long-term lease from UMBF signifies Royal Jordanian’s commitment to becoming a leader in cargo efficiency and reliability within the global market.

The A321-200PF’s unique ability to handle containers on the main deck significantly reduces turnaround times, ensuring swift and cost-effective operations.

RJ’s dedication to the air cargo industry is further emphasized by the planned expansion of its network. The new freighter is expected to serve 9 additional destinations, significantly enhancing RJ’s reach.

Developing the Air Cargo Sector

Samer Majali, RJ Vice Chairman and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s strategic advancements in the air cargo sector.

He highlighted several initiatives undertaken by RJ to boost sales, improve service quality (speed, accuracy), and ultimately solidify Jordan’s position as a regional logistics hub.

Looking ahead, Majali is confident that the addition of the A321-200PF marks a new era of growth for RJ’s cargo operations.

This growth is expected to contribute significantly to Jordan’s economic development and bolster Jordanian exports to various regions worldwide.

The modernization of the entire fleet and the introduction of new, state-of-the-art aircraft further solidify this optimistic outlook.

The completion of the fully-automated new air cargo services building project is another factor fueling Royal Jordanian’s ambitions.

Amman as a Major Hub

This project aligns perfectly with the company’s vision of transforming Amman into a central Middle Eastern hub. The goal is to develop Amman as a key gateway for regional trade.

RJ aspires to transform Amman, Jordan’s capital city, into a central hub for the Middle East. The expansion of the company’s network and the planned completion of a fully-automated new air cargo services building are key factors contributing to this vision.

By establishing itself as a regional trade gateway, RJ aims to play a significant role in facilitating economic growth for Jordan.


The addition of the A321-200PF freighter not only bolsters cargo capacity but also underscores RJ’s dedication to operational efficiency.

The freighter’s design allows for faster loading and offloading times. This leads to cost-effective operations and a focus on reliability within the global cargo market.

RJ’s overall growth plan also extends to its passenger fleet. Earlier this year, the airline welcomed two new 195-E2 jets specifically designed for short-haul destinations.

The continuous addition of Embraer regional jets, A320/A321neo narrow-body aircraft, and Boeing 787-9 wide-body aircraft will play a crucial role in expanding RJ’s network to encompass a total of 60 destinations worldwide within the coming years.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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