Royal Air Maroc presents new strategic vision and ad campaign

A line of Royal Air Maroc aircraft on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Royal Air Maroc

Following the announcement last July of Royal Air Maroc’s new agreement with the Moroccan government, Mr. Hamid Addou, CEO of Royal Air, has presented the company’s new strategic vision and brand campaign #DREAMAFRICA#MEETMOROCCO.

In this week’s landmark event, Mr. Hamid ADDOU, the CEO of Royal Air Maroc, unveiled the airline’s new strategic vision and brand campaign, #DREAMAFRICA#MEETMOROCCO.

This event, attended by institutional partners, tourism professionals, and opinion leaders in Morocco, took place at the historic Latécoère hangar, adjacent to Royal Air Maroc’s headquarters.

This occasion not only signifies the airline’s journey towards expansion but also underlines its commitment to playing a pivotal role in Morocco’s aviation history and the continent’s development.

Photo Credit: Royal Air Maroc


A Legacy of Over Six Decades

Royal Air Maroc has been at the forefront of aviation for over 65 years, aligning itself with the ambitions of the Kingdom.

Throughout its long history, the airline has consistently strived for development, making significant strides in expanding its fleet, enhancing international connectivity, and revolutionizing its domestic network.

With a renewed enthusiasm for air travel, Royal Air Maroc is all set to embark on a journey of expansion and brand development, aspiring to become a “global connector” that caters to diverse customer segments worldwide by 2037.

A Fresh Identity

In line with its ambitious growth plans, Royal Air Maroc has unveiled a fresh brand identity, encapsulated in the global campaign and tagline, #DREAMAFRICA#MEETMOROCCO.

This marks a new chapter in the airline’s history, solidifying its position in the air travel industry and across the African continent.


This brand campaign encapsulates Royal Air Maroc’s commitment to unlocking Africa’s potential and reaffirms Morocco’s central role in the continent’s future.

With #DREAMAFRICA#MEETMOROCCO, the airline embraces a mission that aligns with a positive vision of a dynamic country and continent, offering a brighter future for the world.

A Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737-800 on the taxiway.
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Message from the CEO

Mr. Hamid Addou, CEO of Royal Air Maroc, emphasized the importance of the airline’s brand image for its future success. He articulated how the rebranding strategy reflects the company’s aspirations on a continental scale.

“It aligns with our Kingdom’s overarching vision for Africa, promoting South-South cooperation and accelerating our common development, in political, economic, societal, cultural, and technological aspects.”

“As an airline and with all our resources, we have an obligation to embody the best of Morocco and contribute to the continent’s progress,” he said.

Royal Air Maroc, as an airline, sees itself as an ambassador of Morocco and a contributor to the continent’s advancement. “This is the essence of the new promise, #DREAMAFRICA #MEETMOROCCO,” explained Mr. Addou.

A Symbol of Heritage and Progress

#DREAMAFRICA#MEETMOROCCO is not just a tagline; it represents an airline deeply rooted in its heritage while embracing a promising future.

It signifies a commitment to offering travelers an enriching and distinctive travel experience that unveils the cultural richness of Morocco and Africa.

The campaign invites travelers to embark on a journey to a world of opportunities, creativity, and warmth, where human capital is the cornerstone of development.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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