Rex Group announces Antarctic Advisory Panel

View from a jet over the Antarctic
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The Regional Express Group (Rex) has formally announced the members of its Rex Antarctic Advisory Panel (RAAP).

The collective will play a pivotal role in formulating Rex’s response to the Request for Tender (RFT) expected in November for aviation capabilities in support of the Australian Antarctic Program.

Rex Chairman comments

In announcing the composition of its RAAP, Rex’s Executive Chairman, Lim Kim Hai, said, “The panellists are amongst the world’s foremost authorities on aviation operations in the Antarctic.”

“With their guidance and active involvement, we are confident that Rex’s proposal will exceed the expectations of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD).”

The RAAP is already in motion, actively engaging in preparations ahead of the RFT’s release. By aligning its efforts with the impending issuance of the RFT, the panel is positioning Rex for a response that is comprehensive and cutting-edge.


Agreement with Helicopter Resources and Enterprise Aviation

In a recent related move, Rex solidified an exclusive Teaming Agreement with two stalwarts in Antarctic operations – Helicopter Resources and Enterprise Aviation.

With both entities boasting decades of experience operating within the Antarctic expanse, this collaboration marks a further consolidation of expertise.

Together, they are poised to present a joint response to the RFT that harmonizes their collective insights and capabilities.

Rex Antarctic Advisory Panel (RAAP)

This endeavour signifies a significant step towards fortifying aviation capabilities in support of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), and Rex will now move forward with the guidance of its handpicked experts.

Dr. Tony Press AO FAIIA

Dr. Tony Press, an esteemed adjunct professor at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) at the University of Tasmania, brings a wealth of valuable experience to the advisory panel.

With a distinguished career spanning Antarctic research, policy, and leadership, Dr. Press has been a driving force in shaping the field.

Bill English

Bill English graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 1963. He holds Commercial Aeroplane and Helicopter Licences. Bill has personally accumulated approximately 500 flight hours of dedicated Antarctic helicopter operations for the AAD.

Stuart McFadzean

Stuart is a highly experienced and internationally recognised expert in the field of Antarctic aviation. With an impressive career spanning decades, he has made significant contributions to the development and management of aviation infrastructure and support systems in Antarctica.

Nigel Meadows

Nigel Meadows brings a wealth of aviation experience, spanning both military and civilian sectors to the advisory panel. Nigel’s vast experience and multifaceted contributions in UAS operation and regulation make him a valuable asset to the advisory panel.

Andrew Noonan

Andrew holds the position of Director of Flight Operations at ALCI Aviation (Enterprise), where he manages contracts across various sectors including medevac, oil and gas exploration, cargo, tourism and polar logistics in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

He has successfully established and overseen aviation operations in remote bases in 24 countries across different continents.

Craig Martin

Craig is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in aviation, safety and regulatory management.

He brings a wealth of expertise to the panel with a career spanning over three decades. His roles included Airline Senior Check and Training Captain, Aviation Regulatory Executive and Senior Air Transport Safety and Risk Manager.

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