Rex Airlines tops domestic service reliability for July

Aerial view of a Rex Airlines Boeing 737 taking off.
Photo Credit: Rex Airlines

Rex Airlines has once again reaffirmed its position as Australia’s most dependable airline, leading the charts for the month of July. This accomplishment is underscored by the official report published by the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE).

Rex Airlines not only excelled in domestic flights but also maintained a significant edge in regional operations.

In comparison, other industry players such as the Qantas Group and Virgin Australia Group faced challenges with their on-time departure performance, with the latter experiencing a 60% success rate.

A striking disparity was observed in cancellation rates as well, where Rex Airlines outperformed its counterparts.

The Qantas Group had double the number of cancellations as Rex, while Virgin Australia Regional Airlines encountered cancellation rates that were over 600% higher than those of Rex Regional.

Source: Rex Group


Source: Rex Group

Rex’s Executive Chairman, Lim Kim Hai, openly acknowledged the multifaceted challenges faced by airlines globally. The aviation industry has been grappling with disruptions in the supply chain, compounded by a persistent shortage of crew and engineers.

In this context, Rex Airlines acknowledges the areas where their performance has fallen short and expresses regret for any inconvenience caused to passengers.

Lim Kim Hai emphasized that the airline is not complacent about their present standing and recognizes the need for improvement.

A Pledge to Passengers

While disruptions have inconvenienced many passengers, Lim Kim Hai empathetically acknowledges the frustration that these situations can cause.

He compares Rex’s challenges to those faced by competitors, highlighting that despite the airline’s difficulties, passengers might have faced even greater hardships with other carriers.

However, Rex Airlines is committed to rectifying its performance issues and minimizing disruptions. Lim Kim Hai assures passengers that the airline was addressing these shortcomings, saying:

“All I can say is that my entire management team is working relentlessly every single day to minimise disruptions and to fix the issues within our control and we will continue this effort till we regain the old benchmarks of reliability for which we are well known.”

Chris Finney via Wikimedia Commons

Upholding Reputation in a Changing Landscape

The aviation landscape has undergone significant changes, necessitating resilience and adaptability from airlines. Rex Airlines’ historical reputation for reliability is a testament to their commitment to passenger satisfaction and operational excellence.

As the airline navigates the complexities of the present aviation environment, their dedication to addressing challenges head-on is evident. Rex’s management team appears to be focused on not only meeting but surpassing the previous benchmarks of reliability.

About Rex Group

Rex is Australia’s largest independent regional and domestic airline operating a fleet of 58 Saab 340 and 8 Boeing 737-800NG aircraft to 57 destinations throughout all states in Australia.

In addition to the airline Rex, the Rex Group comprises wholly owned subsidiaries Pel-Air Aviation (air freight, aeromedical and charter operator), the Australian Airline Pilot Academy with campuses in Wagga Wagga and Ballarat.

The Group operates propeller maintenance organisation, Australian Aerospace Propeller Maintenance. Rex is also a 50% shareholder of National Jet Express (NJE), a premier Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO), charter and freight operator.

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