Qatar Airways To Operate Thrice-Daily Phuket Flights

A Qatar Airways B787 taxis at Edinburgh Airport.
Futurepilot1999, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – The award-winning 5-star airline Qatar Airways has launched triple daily flights to Phuket from Doha as of 1 February 2023. 

The total number of flights to the Kingdom of Thailand now stands at seven per day, along with four flights to the popular destination of Bangkok, according to 

With the increase in frequencies of flights to and from Phuket, the famous Thai island, the airline will offer more excellent choices for travellers to more than 150 destinations across the globe.

Most of the traffic to Phuket is generally European, which will enhance travellers from destinations such as London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Moscow, New York and Manchester. Reaching Phuket is now easier with Qatar Airways

Bennet Stephens, Qatar Airways Regional Manager Indochina told “We are excited to expand our presence in Thailand with the introduction of these additional flights.”

“This is a significant step towards our continued commitment to the Thai market, and we are proud to be serving our passengers with safety and great global connectivity. We look forward to welcoming even more travellers on board our flights.”

A Qatar Airways Cargo aircraft with wing spoilers extended.
Photo Credit: Pieter van Marion from Netherlands, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Qatar Airways – Leading the pack 

Thailand is one of the lucrative markets for Middle Eastern carriers, namely, Qatar, Etihad and Emirates. Smaller gulf carriers, like Gulf Air, and Oman Air are gaining prominence in the lucrative Thai market.

With Saudia relaunching flights to Thailand last year, the airline has yet to significantly expand to other Thai cities. Qatar Airways is leading the game. 

Below is the schedule of Qatar Airways services to Thailand. 

PHUKET – DOHA (Daily flights)

• QR 979 HKT – DOH Departure at 09:45, Arrival at 12:50

• QR 843 HKT – DOH Departure at 20:50, Arrival at 23:55

• QR 841 HKT – DOH Departure at 22:30, Arrival at 01:35+1

DOHA – PHUKET (Daily flights)

• QR 840 DOH – HKT Departure at 02:15, Arrival at 12:45

• QR 978 DOH – HKT Departure at 09:30, Arrival at 20:00

• QR 842 DOH – HKT Departure at 21:15, Arrival at 07:45+1

BANGKOK – DOHA (Daily flights)

• QR 837 BKK – DOH Departure at 01:50, Arrival at 05:15

• QR 831 BKK – DOH Departure at 08:05, Arrival at 11:30

• QR 835 BKK – DOH Departure at 19:30, Arrival at 22:55

• QR 833 BKK – DOH Departure at 20:25, Arrival at 23:50

DOHA – BANGKOK (Daily flights)

• QR 834 DOH – BKK Departure at 01:45, Arrival at 12:05

• QR 836 DOH – BKK Departure at 02:20, Arrival at 12:40

• QR 832 DOH – BKK Departure at 08:05, Arrival at 18:25

• QR 830 DOH – BKK Departure at 19:45, Arrival at 06:05+1

Qatar Airways and Thailand

Qatar has had a significant presence in Thailand. In fact, before the pandemic, Qatar flew to destinations such as Krabi, Pattaya (U-Taphao/Rayong Airport) and Chiang Mai via Yangon.

With the airline increasing frequencies to Phuket, it may be a positive indicator that the airline may return to regional cities in the kingdom.

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