Qatar Airways releases Northern Winter 2023 network changes

Qatar Airways Airbus A350.
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At 15:30GMT on the 17 April 2023, Qatar Airways released a long list of adjustments and changes to its route network ahead of the Northern Hemisphere Winter 2023/24 season.

Airline’s route networks and schedules change very often over the course of any year and for Qatar this is no different.

Although these changes may seem early, of course there is still plenty of time for further changes to be made.

Most of the changes come into effect from day 1 of the Winter season on October 29th, with some occurring a little later as late as early January.

Changes happening from October 29th

In total 19 routes across Qatar’s network are seeing changes right from the word go at the beginning of the winter season.

Some of these routes are only seeing aircraft changes, to help with shifting demand for the route.

While some are seeing frequency changes, also to help with shifting demand, whereas some are seeing both.

Below you can find routes just seeing frequency changes as compiled by Aeroroutes, ranging from cuts to increase or even no change at all from its summer schedule.


  1. Doha – Athens
  2. Doha – Auckland
  3. Doha – Belgrade
  4. Doha – Berlin
  5. Doha – Copenhagen
  6. Doha – Edinburgh
  7. Doha – Entebbe
  8. Doha – Larnaca
  9. Doha – London Heathrow
  10. Doha – Manila
  11. Doha – Maputo
  12. Doha – Milan Malpensa
  13. Doha – Moscow Sheremetyevo
  14. Doha – Tbilisi
  15. Doha – Yerevan

As you can see, the routes affected span almost all areas of Qatar’s worldwide network, with many places in Europe seeing changes, as well routes to Asian, Oceania, Middle Eastern and African destinations seeing such changes (or no changes in Manila and Maputo’s case).

An interesting route on the list is Doha to London Heathrow, which is by far Qatar’s most served route. Aeroroutes reports that the previously filed 42 weekly flights has been increased to 46, just one down from its 47 weekly flights this summer season.

This of course shows the intense year round demand for the London route as people look to get away for some winter sun in the middle east, as well increased demand during the Christmas period.

As for routes seeing aircraft changes or even seeing changes in both areas (aircraft and frequency) these include:

  1. Doha – Casablanca
  2. Doha – New York JFK
  3. Doha – Washington Dulles

As a side note to these changes it also worth noting that Aeroroutes reported that Venice will be restarting for the winter season on Oct 29th. This will be first time the route has run since March 2020.

For the full list with all changes you can visit Aeroroutes website.

A Qatar Airways Cargo aircraft with wing spoilers extended.
Photo Credit: Pieter van Marion from Netherlands, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Other changes occurring after October 29th

Below is a the rest of the routes seeing changes to its schedules/aircraft usage, also compiled by Aeroroutes.

  1. Doha – Oslo
  2. Doha – Moscow Sheremetyevo
  3. Doha – Sao Paulo
  4. Doha – Dusseldorf
  5. Doha – Manchester
  6. Doha – Rome Fiumicino
  7. Doha – Warsaw
A Qatar Airways B787 taxis at Edinburgh Airport.
Photo Credit: Futurepilot1999, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


With all these changes listed, it seems Qatar has had a worldwide switch up. However nothing is ever certain when it comes to route scheduling as last minute changes frequently occur.

This can all be dependent on passenger demand, aircraft availability, international restrictions/changes and many more factors.

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