Qantas Cancels Direct Perth-London Flights Amid Iran Unrest

A Qantas 787-9 taxis at London Heathrow.
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With fears of a retaliation strike by Iran growing, Qantas has suspended its direct Perth to Heathrow flights temporarily.

The direct long-haul service, operated by a widebody Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, transits through Iranian airspace.

Temporary Suspension of Perth-London Service

Yesterday, US intelligence warned that an attack by Iran was imminent. With these regional concerns in mind, Qantas has now placed a hold on the direct service from Perth.

“We’re temporarily adjusting the flight paths for our flights between Perth and London due to the situation in parts of the Middle East,” an airline spokesman told SBS News.

The Perth to London Heathrow service will now operate via a refuelling stop in Singapore for the time being.

Accordingly, Qantas flight QF9, the direct Perth-London service, will be temporarily replaced by flight QF209.

London-Perth Service Unaffected

The direct return flight from London to Perth will not be affected by the growing Middle East regional concerns.

Due to more favourable flying conditions on the easterly return route, fuel consumption is lower due to jetstream activity.

As a result, the returning Boeing 787-9 is able to fly a modified path to avoid Iranian airspace without refuelling.

Qantas Announces New Nonstop Perth-Paris Route

Australian Travel Warning

Australian has updated travel advice for its citizens intending to travel to Israel. The advice warns of “increased threat of military and terrorist attacks against Israel and Israeli interests across the region.”

“This may also result in airspace closures, flight cancellations and flight diversions, and other travel disruptions. Airports may pause operations due to heightened security concerns,” the travel advice stated.

On Friday, Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong urged Iran to promote stability rather than contributing to escalation in the region.

“Australia will continue working with partners who have influence in the region to stop the conflict from spreading. Further conflict will only add to the devastation in the Middle East,” said Wong.

The anticipated attack by Iran comes as a retaliation measure after an attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus by Israel on 1 April.


The move by the Australian flag carrier to pause its long-haul service follows Lufthansa’s decision this week to extend its suspension of flights into Tehran.

With the situation in the Middle East remaining fluid, no date has been posted for the resumption of affected services by either airline.

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