Qantas launches new Travel Management Tool for businesses

A passenger views Qantas business app on a laptop.
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In a move towards catering to the evolving needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), Qantas has released a new one-stop travel management tool.

Designed exclusively for members of the Qantas Business Rewards program, this custom booking solution promises to transform the way almost half a million Australian businesses handle their travel requirements.

Streamlined Booking Process

The heart of this innovative tool lies in its one-stop booking solution, simplifying the complex landscape of business travel.

Now, businesses can effortlessly book and manage a spectrum of travel necessities, spanning flights, hotels, and car rentals, all within a unified platform.


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Manage Trip Feature

Adding to the flexibility, Qantas introduces the “Manage Trip” feature, allowing businesses to make individual bookings or consolidate them into a comprehensive trip. This feature brings unparalleled convenience to the travel planning process.

Recognizing the need for efficiency in managing travel policies, Qantas’s new tool empowers businesses to set up and apply travel policies seamlessly.

This not only enhances the overall efficiency of the booking process but also provides travel managers with crucial visibility into booking behaviors.

Real-Time Data Reporting and Analytics

Qantas takes a leap forward by offering detailed data reporting and analytics in real time. This feature empowers businesses to identify trends, manage travel costs, and generate exportable expense reports, enabling smarter financial decisions.

The travel management experience extends beyond the basics, offering easy management of Qantas Business Rewards program benefits.

Members can now access exclusive partner offers, enhancing the overall value proposition of the program.

Image Credits: Qantas

A Value-Added Program

Qantas Loyalty CEO, Olivia Wirth, highlighted the company’s commitment to addressing the specific needs of businesses. She emphasized that the new travel management tool is a direct response to feedback from Qantas Business Rewards members.

“We’ve been listening to our Qantas Business Rewards members who have told us that making it easier to manage their business travel will add more value to the program,” said Ms. Wirth.

This new booking system is made possible through collaboration with Spotnana, utilizing its Travel-as-a-Service platform.

The partnership aims not only to provide a superior booking experience but also to continuously enhance the tool with new features and capabilities.

Rehan D’Almeida, General Manager of Qantas Business Rewards member FinTech Australia, attested to the transformative impact of the tool, especially for SMEs.

“Having the ability to book and manage all aspects of our travel in one place is a game-changer for our small team. Being able to track and manage travel-related expenses and bookings allows us to focus on maximizing the impact of our trips.”

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