Qantas Engineering Academy: Building the Future of Aviation

A Qantas Airbus A380 in the hangar.
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The Qantas Group Engineering Academy is set to make a major offering to the Australian aviation sector by providing world-class engineering training programs to aspiring engineers.

With two locations in Brisbane and Melbourne, this academy aims to meet the growing demand for highly skilled aviation professionals and address the engineering skills shortfall in Australia.

Brisbane and Melbourne locations

The decision to establish training facilities in both Brisbane and Melbourne was strategic. These cities were selected due to their proximity to major airports where Qantas and Jetstar have a strong engineering presence.

This proximity ensures a conducive learning environment that combines classroom instruction with real-world experience.

Photo Credit: Qantas

Partnership with Aviation Australia

The Qantas Group Engineering Academy is being run in partnership with Aviation Australia, the nation’s premier aircraft maintenance engineering training provider.

This collaboration will leverage Aviation Australia’s expertise in delivering job-ready skills and education to translate into employment outcomes for trainees.

Meeting the industry’s needs

The Academy aims to train up to 300 engineers annually, starting from 2025, to support the growth of the Qantas Group and the wider Australian aviation industry.


This major investment in recruitment and training by the Qantas Group will create around 8,500 highly skilled aviation jobs over the next decade.

Trainees at the Qantas Group Engineering Academy will benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that covers both classroom theory and practical lessons on engines and aircraft systems.

This holistic approach ensures that trainees are well-prepared for the challenges they will face in operational environments.

Photo Credit: Qantas

One of the unique aspects of the Qantas Group Engineering Academy is that all trainees will be employees of the Qantas Group.

This means they will receive payment while they learn, making the academy an attractive option for individuals considering a career in aviation. Upon graduation, the Qantas Group expects to hire approximately 200 Academy graduates each year.

The remaining trainees will have promising opportunities for employment in the defence sector and other parts of the aviation industry. This ensures a high employability rate for the academy’s graduates.

Government support

The Qantas Group Engineering Academy has received strong support from government bodies. The Federal Minister for Skills and Training, Brendan O’Connor, emphasizes the importance of investing in skills to develop the aviation engineers of the future.

The Queensland and Victorian governments also express their commitment to addressing aviation industry skills shortages and creating employment opportunities.

Promoting gender diversity

The Qantas Group is dedicated to increasing the representation of women in engineering roles. Similar to its pilot academy, the Engineering Academy aims to expand access to talented individuals by encouraging more women to pursue careers in engineering.

The academy has already seen significant interest, with approximately 16 percent of expressions of interest coming from female applicants.

Future Expansion

To meet the growing demand for pilot training, the Qantas Group is constructing a new flight training facility in Sydney. This facility will train up to 4,500 Qantas and Jetstar pilots annually, starting in early 2024.

With training centres in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Toowoomba, and Longreach, the Qantas Group is committed to providing comprehensive training opportunities across Australia.

The Qantas Group Engineering Academy is poised to become a leading institution for aviation engineering training.

With its world-class programs, strategic locations, and strong industry partnerships, the academy will nurture and develop the next generation of highly skilled aviation professionals. By investing in the future of aviation, the Qantas Group is solidifying its position as a global leader in the industry.

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