Qantas Domestic announces new CEO

Outside view of Qantas headqarters.
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Qantas has appointed Markus Svensson as the new CEO of Qantas Domestic. Svensson currently holds the position of Chief Customer Officer with the airline Group. He will take over as CEO of Qantas Domestic in November.

New appointment

Svensson presently holds the position of Chief Customer Officer, and has been with the airline Group since 2011; having held a number of senior positions in the company.

Prior to joining the national airline, Markus held senior roles at Bain and Co and in telecommunications in Australia, Sweden and Korea. He has also worked in travel retail and as a strategy consultant.

Markus holds an MBA from Australian Graduate School of Management and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from University of Linkoping, Sweden.

In a statement, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said that Svensson was the “right person to lead Qantas Domestic into the future.” Joyce added that he has a “deep understanding of the domestic market” and is “a strong leader with a proven track record.”

Svensson said that he was “excited” to take on the role of CEO of Qantas Domestic. He said that he is “committed to delivering a great experience for our customers” and “growing the business for the future.”


A wider shake-up for Qantas Group

The new appointment as CEO of Qantas Domestic is part of a wider shake-up of the airline’s management team.

In May 2023, Qantas announced that Vanessa Hudson would be the next CEO of the Qantas Group. Hudson will take over from Alan Joyce in November 2023.

The changes in the airline’s management team are a sign that the airline is preparing for a new era. The Group has faced down a number of ongoing challenges, including rising fuel costs and increased competition from low-cost carriers.

The new management team will be tasked with navigating these challenges and ensuring that Qantas remains a successful airline.

Background and experience

Marcus Svensson has a wealth of experience in the aviation industry. He joined the Qantas Group in 2011 and was previously Regional General Manager for Qantas based in London after serving as Head of Group Strategy and Head of International Revenue Management.

He commenced in the role of Chief Customer Officer in November 2022, leading all aspects of the Group’s customer experience as well as the airline brand, marketing and sponsorships.

Previously, Markus served as the Executive Manager of Network, Revenue Management and Alliances, where he was responsible for a large part of the commercial strategy for both international and domestic.

He commenced in his present role of Chief Customer Officer in November 2022, leading all aspects of the Group’s customer experience as well as the Qantas brand, marketing and sponsorships.

The future of Qantas Domestic

The appointment of Svensson as CEO of Qantas Domestic is a further sign that the airline is re-setting in readiness for a new era.

Qantas has continued to face a number of challenges in recent times, but the new management team appear to have a fresh confidence that they can overcome these challenges and ensure that the national carrier remains a successful airline.

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