Qantas announces further international capacity boost

A Qantas Dreamliner departs Adelaide.
Mertie, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In a move to meet the growing demand for international travel, Qantas has unveiled a significant expansion of its international capacity, bringing more destinations and flights back into its network.

As the aviation industry steadily recovers from the impact of the pandemic, Qantas is making strategic moves to cater to the travel-hungry market. This expansion is set to reshape the airline’s offerings and deliver a boost to the tourism sector.

Qantas’ International Capacity Surge

Qantas Group’s international capacity has experienced a strong resurgence and growth, reaching around 80% of its pre-COVID levels.

Despite challenges, the airline has plans to hit the 100% mark by March 2024, with the new network enhancements set to surpass this threshold by July 2024.

Qantas’ expansion includes a range of exciting new destinations and a boost to existing popular routes. The newly announced cities with increased capacity are:

New York: The Big Apple remains a popular choice, and Qantas is upping the ante with additional flights to meet the demand.

Los Angeles: Another key destination, Los Angeles, is set to experience a 20% capacity increase, thanks to more A380 flights.


Johannesburg: Qantas is breaking new ground by introducing A380 flights to South Africa, nearly doubling capacity during peak periods.

Bali: A perennial favorite, Bali will enjoy increased capacity thanks to larger Airbus A330 aircraft taking over daily Boeing 737 flights from October.

Auckland: Following a successful route launch in June, flights between Sydney, Auckland, and New York will expand from four per week to daily by August 2024.

Premium Comfort and Convenience

Along with the expansion, Qantas also aims to enhance the in-flight experience for its customers. The Sydney-Bali route will see Airbus A330 aircraft replacing Boeing 737 flights, offering more premium seats and fully-flat beds in Business Class.

Qantas International CEO Cam Wallace emphasized that the added flying capacity aligns with the strong demand for international travel.

The increase in seats is excellent news for customers planning overseas trips, bringing not only increased availability but also the potential for more competitive fares.

Wallace noted, “The additional capacity will largely be made possible through our final two A380s returning to the Qantas fleet following heavy maintenance and cabin improvements.”

A Qantas Airbus A380 in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Qantas

Upcoming Network Changes

The recent announcement is part of a broader strategy by Qantas to revitalize its network and offerings.

The airline is set to add a million seats to its network over the next year, unveiling new routes, deploying larger aircraft, and increasing the frequency of flights to popular destinations.

Some of the upcoming routes include:

Sydney-Shanghai: After a hiatus of more than three years, the route is set to resume in late October, connecting two vibrant cities.

Brisbane-Honiara and Brisbane-Wellington: These new routes are launching in late October, connecting travelers to picturesque island destinations.

Flexibility for Customers

Qantas is also ensuring that customers have flexibility in their travel plans. The airline has introduced the “Find My Credit” tool, enabling customers to use their COVID credits for booking flights.

The tool aids in reuniting customers with bookings that were canceled due to sudden border closures.

The travel expiry date for these credits has been extended, providing an extra 12 months for travel as long as bookings are made by December 31 of this year.

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