PSA to Add Seven CRJ 900s

Photo Credit: Acroterion, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This week it has been announced that American Airlines regional operator, PSA, will be adding a further seven CRJ 900s to its fleet.

This article will cover the details surrounding PSA adding an additional seven Bombardier CRJ 900s to its fleet and its current operations across the U.S. regional aviation sector.

PSA to Add Seven more CRJ 900s

Photo Credit: Acroterion, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the coming few months American Airlines will be adding an additional seven Bombardier CRJ 900 NextGen aircraft with one of its regional operators, PSA Airlines.

PSA primarily operates under American Airlines’ Eagle arm, however, they are not the only operator that supports American Eagle operations throughout regional America. You’ll also find that SkyWest Airlines, Air Wisconsin, Piedmont Airlines, Republic Airlines and Envoy all also operate American Eagle services.


American Eagle currently has a total fleet size of 535 aircraft across those six different operators, broken down as 22 Bombardier CRJ 200s, 150 Bombardier CRJ 700s, 69 Bombardier CRJ 900s, 63 Embraer ERJ 145s, 20 Embraer ERJ 170s, and 208 Embraer ERJ 175s.

More specifically to PSA Airlines, they currently hold a total of 134 aircraft, broken down as 61 Bombardier CRJ 700s and 73 Bombardier CRJ 900s. With the addition of these new seven, their fleet total will increase to 141 aircraft jumping their Bombardier CRJ 900 fleet to a total of 80 airframes.

In terms of seating configurations, PSA Airlines’ Bombardier CRJ 900s have a total seat capacity of 76 seats each, broken down as 12 Business class seats and 64 Economy class seats. Whilst their Bombardier CRJ 700 aircraft have a total seat capacity of 63 seats each, broken down as nine Business class seats and 54 Economy class seats.

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