Porter Airlines expansion: 3 new crew bases

A Porter Airlines E195-E2 E-Jet on tarmac.
Photo Credit: CNW Group/Porter Airlines Inc.

Porter Airlines has recently unveiled a significant expansion plan, introducing three new crew bases across Canada to accommodate over 350 pilots and flight attendants.

This operational plan aims to support the airline’s rapidly expanding North American network, catering to the increasing demand for air travel.

With crew bases established at Ottawa International Airport (YOW), Montréal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL), and Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Porter Airlines is poised to strengthen its presence in key Canadian markets.

Overview of the New Crew Bases

The addition of crew bases at Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver signifies Porter Airlines’ commitment to providing convenient working arrangements for its crew members.

By establishing bases in these prominent cities, the airline aims to facilitate proximity between crew members’ residences and their workplace, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and crew satisfaction.

These bases will serve as vital hubs for crew deployment, enabling Porter Airlines to maintain a robust and reliable flight schedule.


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Current Crew Base Structure

Porter Airlines currently operates with approximately 650 pilots and 775 cabin crew, serving from an Embraer E195-E2 crew base at Toronto-Pearson, alongside Dash 8-400 crew bases at Toronto-City, Ottawa, Halifax, and Thunder Bay.

This existing infrastructure forms the foundation for the airline’s operational capabilities, laying the groundwork for future expansion and growth.

A Porter Airlines Dash 8-400 aircraft in flight.
Photo Credit: CNW Group

Benefits of the Expansion

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The expansion of crew bases across Canada allows Porter Airlines to streamline its crew management processes, ensuring optimal utilization of human resources.

By decentralizing crew operations, the airline can mitigate logistical challenges and respond more effectively to fluctuating demand.

This decentralized approach fosters agility and adaptability, essential qualities in the dynamic regional aviation sector.

Improved Customer Service

With crew members residing closer to their respective bases, the carrier can deliver an elevated level of service to its passengers.

Local crew members possess a deeper understanding of the communities they serve, enabling them to provide personalized assistance and foster meaningful connections with travelers.

By prioritizing proximity and accessibility, Porter Airlines reinforces its commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A Porter Airlines Embraer E195-E2 in flight.
Photo Credit: Embraer

Impact on Porter Airlines’ Network

The establishment of new crew bases aligns with Porter Airlines’ strategic objectives of strengthening its Eastern Canada routes and expanding into burgeoning western markets.

These bases will serve as strategic hubs, facilitating the operation of nonstop routes from Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

By capitalizing on the inherent advantages of each location, Porter Airlines can optimize its route network and capitalize on emerging travel trends.

Strengthening Eastern Canada Routes

The addition of crew bases at Ottawa and Montreal reinforces Porter Airlines’ position as a premier carrier in Eastern Canada.

These bases enable the airline to enhance connectivity within the region, offering passengers a wider range of travel options.

With increased frequency and capacity on key routes, Porter Airlines solidifies its reputation for reliability and convenience, attracting both business and leisure travelers.

Expansion into Western Markets

The establishment of a crew base at Vancouver International Airport marks Porter Airlines’ foray into the lucrative western market.

By leveraging Vancouver’s strategic location and robust infrastructure, the airline aims to capture a larger share of the Pacific Northwest travel market.

With direct flights to popular destinations, Porter Airlines enhances accessibility for travelers in Western Canada, opening up new avenues for growth and expansion.

Ottawa to Edmonton: Porter Airlines' New E195-E2 Route
Photo Credit: Embraer.

Statement from Porter Airlines’ Executive

Kent Woodside, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Porter Airlines, expresses enthusiasm for the expansion initiative, emphasizing its significance for both the airline and its crew members.

He highlights the opportunities created by the new bases, emphasizing Porter’s commitment to operational excellence and customer service.

Woodside underscores the importance of local crew presence in delivering a seamless travel experience, reaffirming the airlines’ dedication to passenger satisfaction.


As Porter Airlines continues to expand its network and fleet, the outlook remains promising for both the airline and its crew members.

With the addition of new crew bases and the anticipated growth in total crew numbers, the carrier looks nicely poised to strengthen its position in the Canadian aviation market and beyond.

By embracing innovation and customer-centric strategies, the airline sets the stage for sustained success and profitability in the coming years.

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