Pilots call for management change at Kenya Airways

A Kenya Airways Boeing 787 approaches to land.
Mark Harkin, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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The Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) has called for new management at Kenya Airways, citing a lack of transparency and accountability in the airline’s operations.

Officials from KALPA met with the Senate’s Trade and Tourism Committee in Nairobi yesterday, July 4, saying that there was a need for leadership change in order to inspire investor confidence.

Call to restore team spirit

The Association also said that the airline needed new management that would “restore the vibrant team spirit while prioritising employees welfare,” according to Kenyan news source Standard Media.

“Little can be achieved without passionate and patriotic employees, a conducive atmosphere should be created to allow employees to diligently do their bit in assisting Kenya Airways to meet its goals and objectives while contributing to the nation-building process,” said Association Executive Member Mwenda Mabura.

In previous statements, KALPA said that the current management has “failed to provide clear and transparent financial information to the pilots,” and that the airline’s finances are “in a state of disarray.”

The Association has also said that the current management has “failed to address the pilots’ grievances in a timely and fair manner.”

Previous strikes and disruptions

The pilots’ call for new management comes after a series of strikes and disruptions at Kenya Airways in recent years. In 2019, the airline was forced to cancel hundreds of flights after pilots went on strike over unpaid salaries.


In November 2022, members of the Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA), which represents about 400 pilots at the carrier, elected to take strike action after failing to resolve a dispute with the airline over pension contributions and settlement of deferred pay.

The recent call for new management has been met with mixed reactions. Some have supported the call, saying that the current management is not fit to run the airline.

 Others have said that the call is premature, and that the current management should be given a chance to address the pilots’ grievances.

It remains to be seen whether the pilots’ call for new management will be successful. However, the call is a sign of the growing discontent among the pilots at Kenya Airways. Previous issues raised have included:

  • Unpaid salaries and pensions
  • Lack of transparency and accountability in the airline’s operations
  • Failure to address the pilots’ safety concerns
  • Poor working conditions

The situation at Kenya Airways is a complex one. The airline has faced a number of challenges, including financial difficulties, operational problems, and safety concerns. This week’s request by KALPA delegates before the Senate Committee calling for new management is a sign of the discontent among the pilots, and it is unclear how the situation will be resolved.

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