Pilot Training: Wizz Air Implements New Airbus Technologies

Wizz Air staff operating a new Airbus virtual reality pilot training system
Photo Credit: Wizz Air

Major European low-cost carrier Wizz Air is known for its rapid expansion and environmental focus.

It has now become the first airline to incorporate both the Mobile Airbus Training experience (MATe) suite and Virtual Procedure Trainer (VPT) technology into its pilot training program.

This innovative approach, unveiled at the company’s Budapest training center on March 20, signifies a major jump forward in pilot training efficiency and immersion.

 Wizz Air hopes the new technology will allow it to achieve its goals of training 4,000 flight deck crew and to welcome 300 new A321neo aircraft and the A321XLR aircraft by 2030.

A Winning Combination: MATe and VPT

The MATe suite serves as a cloud-based platform offering e-learning modules and examinations tailored to various pilot training categories.

VPT, on the other hand, utilizes virtual reality to provide trainee pilots with an individual, immersive experience within a simulated Airbus cockpit.

This allows them to practice and become familiar with crucial cockpit features and procedures at their own pace.

Both the VR training tool and the A320 Type Transition Course, which utilizes the MATe platform, have received the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority’s green light.

This ensures that Wizz Air’s pilot training adheres to the highest standards set by their Approved Training Organization (ATO).

The Virtual Reality-driven training features were presented to industry at Wizz Air’s training center in Budapest on the 20th of March.

To support the launch of the new training solution, Wizz Air conducted research that showed that almost a quarter of men (24%) and 11% of women think they could land a plane.

Growth and the Future of Flight

Since its first Budapest training center opened in 2013, Wizz Air has consistently invested in pilot development.

Today, the airline boasts multiple training facilities equipped with state-of-the-art Airbus A320 full flight simulators, fixed-base simulators, cabin evacuation trainers, and fire trainers.

The addition of these virtual training solutions further strengthens Wizz Air’s position as a leader in pilot training.

Wizz Air’s ambitious goals include training 4,000 new flight deck crew members and integrating 300 A321neo and A321XLR aircraft by 2030.

These advancements necessitate a robust training infrastructure, which Wizz Air is demonstrably building upon.

A Wizz Air aircraft parked at the terminal.
Photo Credit: Wizz Air

Revolutionizing Pilot Training

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Airbus to create and gain approval for this innovative program and VR training tool,” said Attila Tóvári, Head of ATO at Wizz Air.

“This industry-leading technology will not only revolutionize the way we train our pilots but potentially the entire aviation industry.”

He further emphasizes the importance of investing in top-tier technology to ensure the highest safety standards for Wizz Air’s crew and passengers.

Charbel Youzkatli, Head of Commercial Services Europe at Airbus, echoed these sentiments: “We are delighted to have Wizz Air as the first customer to leverage both our MATe Suite and VPT solutions.”

“These tools will significantly contribute to their digital pilot training journey. They offer pilots a more immersive, flexible, and efficient learning experience while maintaining the highest Airbus training standards.”

Wizz Air is currently the fastest-growing European ultra-low-cost airline. It operates a fleet of 201 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. 

By embracing cutting-edge technology, the airline is positioning itself for continued growth and success while prioritizing the safety and expertise of its crew.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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