Passengers compensated after Ural Novosibirsk field landing

Passengers compensated after Ural Novosibirsk field landing
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Passengers onboard the Ural Airlines flight that landed in a Novosibirsk field have been compensated, according to Russian media.

It is understood a total of 15.8m rubles have been given between all of the passengers onboard the flight.

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Passengers compensated after Ural Novosibirsk field landing…

Passengers compensated after Ural Novosibirsk field landing
Photo sourced from X!


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The Alfastrakhovanie company said the following on compensation for passengers onboard the Ural Airlines field landing in Novosibirsk:

“158 passengers received a payment for a total amount of 15.8 million rubles – 100 thousand rubles each”.

“There are still several passengers who have not contacted the airline, although they are aware of this possibility,”

A Ural Airlines scheduled passenger flight from Sochi to Omsk made an emergency landing in a field in the western Siberian region of Novosibirsk, according to Russian news agencies.

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported that there were 159 persons aboard the aircraft, an Airbus A320.

Ural Airlines flight U61383, an Airbus A320-200, was operating the flight from Sochi International Airport (AER) on the coast of the Black Sea to Omsk Tsentralny Airport (OMS).

Footage posted by Russian news agencies shows the Airbus A320 in a field in landing configuration with landing gear down and emergency escape slides deployed.

According to the Russian Tass news agency, the aircraft had sounded an alarm to a hydraulic systems failure; however further details of the emergency landing has not yet been formally released.

All eyes will be on the departure of the Ural Airlines aircraft from Novosibirsk, which is expected when the farm freezes over.

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