Norwegian releases tickets for Summer 2024 program

A Norwegian Boeing 737 lined up on the runway.
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Low-cost carrier Norwegian has recently released tickets for its upcoming summer 2024 program.

The upcoming peak season sports a whopping total of 279 routes now available for booking, and next year’s spring and summer season looks set to be huge for the Nordic airline.

New Routes from Tromsø to Berlin, Paris, and Bergamo/Milano

One of the highlights of Norwegian’s summer 2024 programme is the introduction of new routes from Tromsø to three fantastic destinations: Berlin, Paris, and Bergamo/Milano.

These additions are set to open up exciting travel opportunities for both locals and tourists. Starting from January 15th, travelers can embark on journeys to these captivating cities, exploring their unique culture, history, and attractions.

A Norwegian airlines Boeing landing.
Nathan Coats from Seattle, WA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Focus on the Nordic Market

Norwegian’s commitment to the Nordic market remains steadfast. The airline aims to connect all Nordic countries with attractive city and beach destinations across Europe.


In the upcoming summer schedule, spanning from March to October 2024, Norwegian plans to expand its route network even further. This expansion translates to increased capacity, offering customers a wider range of travel options.

Fleet Expansion

To accommodate the growing demand and to enhance the travel experience, Norwegian will be adding more aircraft to its fleet in the next summer season.

With approximately 90 aircraft, including many state-of-the-art Boeing 737-MAX 8 planes, Norwegian is poised to provide travelers with not only greater comfort but also a more eco-friendly journey.

The new fleet boasts modern amenities and improved fuel efficiency, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.

Chief Commercial Officer’s Perspective

Magnus Maursund, the Chief Commercial Officer at Norwegian, expressed his optimism regarding the summer seasons ahead.

He stated, “We are very pleased with the summer season of 2023. High demand for air travel will make it one of the best in our history.”

“Next summer, more aircraft will be added to our fleet, meaning that we can launch new routes and add frequencies to our existing route network. We offer a combination of destinations that are attractive to both business and leisure travelers.”

Route Distribution

The summer 2024 schedule, available at the airline’s website encompasses a diverse array of 279 routes. These routes are distributed among the Nordic countries as follows:

  • Norway: 150 routes
  • Denmark: 64 routes
  • Sweden: 54 routes
  • Finland: 21 routes

It’s important to note that routes connecting two markets are counted twice in the tally, accounting for the total count of 279.

Norwegian is the largest Norwegian airline and one of Europe’s leading low-cost carriers. The company has around 4,500 employees and offers a comprehensive route network between Nordic countries and destinations in Europe.

Since 2002, more than 300 million passengers have flown with Norwegian. The most important task has been to offer affordable plane tickets to all and to offer more freedom of choice along the journey

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