Norwegian Handles 2.1m Passengers in October 2023

Norwegian Handles 2.1m Passengers in October 2023
Photo Credit: Arash Abed/AviationSource

Norwegian has this week announced the handling of 2.1m passengers in October, courtesy of their monthly traffic announcement.

The airline is very satisfied with these results, with them pinning this down to particularly high travel demand during the Nordic autumn holidays.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Norwegian Handles 2.1m Passengers in October 2023…

Norwegian Handles 2.1m Passengers in October 2023
Photo Credit: Adrian Olstad/AviationSource


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Norwegian had a load factor of 86.1% in October 2023, with 99.4% of their total scheduled flights taking place, showing high attendance.

Commenting on the results was Geir Karlsen, the CEO of Norwegian:

“We are very satisfied with October’s traffic figures.”

“Many Nordic customers took advantage of the autumn holidays, prolonging the summer season with trips to our many popular city and beach destinations across Scandinavia and Europe.”

“I am particularly happy to see that we have managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by four percent compared to the same period last year, thanks to flying more modern aircraft and using the latest technology when navigating in the air”.

Going further into the Winter season, Karlsen expressed confidence over that period:

“We recently published our financial results for what has been one of the absolute strongest quarters in our 21-year history.”

2We are well prepared for the quieter winter trading period with reduced capacity and favourable hedging position on fuel, among other actions.”

“Our ticket sales for Christmas and New Year are solid, both domestically and to our European destinations, and I would like to thank the increasing number of Nordic travellers who choose to fly with us for leisure and business”.

Looking ahead, all eyes will be on Norwegian to see how the Winter season will perform for them as well as what 2024 will look like going into the short-to-medium term.

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