Norwegian cleared for Widerøe acquisition

A Wideroe Dash 8 aircraft on the taxiway.
Photo Credit: Adrian Olstad/AviationSource

The Norwegian Competition Authority (NCA) has given the green light to Norwegian’s acquisition of Widerøe.

This confirmation comes after months of anticipation since Norwegian first revealed its intent to acquire Widerøe for a substantial cash consideration of NOK 1,125 million.

Enhancing Routes and Options

Norwegian’s acquisition of Widerøe holds the promise of a more robust route offering for customers, providing an extensive array of flight options.

Geir Karlsen, Norwegian’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the decision, highlighting the positive impact on travelers within, from, and into Norway.

The acquisition will give all our customers, those travelling within, from and into Norway, an improved route offering with more travel options, in addition to enabling seamless travel across our route networks.”

“We will have a more efficient operation and ensure a strong aviation industry in Norway with local jobs and fair working conditions,” Karlsen noted.


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The formal alliance between the two carriers aims bolster the travel experience across the interconnected route networks.

A Wideroe Embraer E190 on approach to land.
Valentin Hintikka from Finland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Operational Synergies: A Win-Win for Efficiency

The transaction not only fosters a more interconnected route network but also unlocks significant operational synergies for both Norwegian and Widerøe.

Geir Karlsen emphasized the efficiency gains, envisioning a more streamlined operation that ensures a strong and sustainable aviation industry in Norway.

The collaboration is poised to create a win-win scenario, promoting local jobs and fair working conditions.

Widerøe: An Enduring Brand

Stein Nilsen, CEO of Widerøe, expressed satisfaction with the NCA’s decision and underscored the demanding nature of the case.

The approval, he believes, paves the way for a collaborative effort with Norwegian to offer enhanced and more competitive travel options.

Importantly, Widerøe will retain its distinct identity as a separate airline and brand headquartered in Bodø.

Job Security and Public Ownership

The acquisition carries the assurance of job security in Norway, with a commitment to fair wages and working conditions.

Nilsen emphasized the importance of keeping critical public infrastructure in Norwegian ownership, ensuring Widerøe’s autonomy, and preserving its status as a separate airline.

This, he notes, is a Christmas present that goes beyond the seasonal festivities.

Domestic and International Travel

Norwegian’s acquisition promises not only a strengthened domestic travel experience but also an elevated international reach.

Air travelers in Norway can anticipate improved connectivity to Widerøe’s extensive regional route network and seamless integration with Norwegian’s expansive national and international routes.

The collaboration seeks to provide a comprehensive travel solution for passengers relying on air travel for their transportation needs.

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