Northern Pacific Airways Changes to New Pacific Airlines

Northern Pacific Airways Changes to New Pacific Airlines
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On September 8, Northern Pacific Airways changed its name to New Pacific Airlines due to pending trademark litigation. Will things remain the same?

Such elements changing did initially give the vibe that the style of operations would change, until such litigation was revealed.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The Name Change to New Pacific Airlines…

Northern Pacific Airways Changes to New Pacific Airlines
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Commenting on the name change from Northern Pacific Airways to this new entity was CEO Rob McKinney:

“New Pacific’s updated name symbolizes our brand’s bold and decisive pivot.”

“The word ‘new’ speaks to modern-day navigators driven by both purpose and aspiration, where the romance and grandeur of the Pacific Ocean meet the heart of exploration and discovery.”

“Our home is in the majestic landscapes of Alaska and we continue to draw inspiration from the people of our great state.”

“We would like to welcome you to New Pacific, where every flight is an opportunity to experience the world anew”.

Will Things Change Under the Ex-Northern Pacific Airways Carrier?

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In the carrier’s statement, they said the following on whether things will change or not:

“Our operations will proceed uninterrupted, and our customers can rely on us as their steadfast airline partner.”

“Our airline has always strived to provide exceptional service, and we will continue to do so.”

New Pacific Airlines started services between Ontario and Las Vegas earlier this year, and recently announced a continuation in such flights.

It was also revealed that the likes of New York and Anchorage are amongst the next routes that look set to be launched in the short to medium-term future.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see what plans will be made under the new name.

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