Norse Atlantic lands 787-9 Dreamliner in Antarctica

A Norse Atlantic 787 Dreamliner on the ice runway in Antarctica.
Photo Credit: @HotWaterOnIce via Twitter/X

Norse Atlantic Airways has become the first commercial airline to operate a Boeing 787 Dreamliner into the continent of Antarctica.

A charter flight operating from Oslo via Cape Town, South Africa to the Troll Research Station in Antarctica landed in the research station’s 3,300 meter ice runway today following a five-hour leg from Cape Town.

The history-making charter operation commenced from Oslo, Norway and involved an initial 12 hour leg to the Cape Town waypoint.

Commissioned by the Norwegian Polar Institute, the landmark operation transported personnel and cargo to the Troll Research Station, a Norwegian research station located in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

Image Source: Great Circle Mapper


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Photo Credit: @HotWaterOnIce via Twitter/X

Norse Atlantic Antarctica arrival

Footage posted to social media shows the arrival of the Norse 787 Dreamliner at the Norwegian research station, carrying personnel, supplies and equipment.

Scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute will be involved in research activities on the Fimbulisen Ice Shelf.

Flight operations into Antarctica

Although other commercial jet airliners have previously operated into the Antarctic, this is the first time that a Boeing 787 wide-body aircraft is operated into the southern continent.

The use of a Boeing 787 for this mission is significant for several reasons. The 787 is a long-range, fuel-efficient aircraft that is well-suited for flying to remote destinations like Antarctica.

It is also a relatively quiet aircraft, which will help to minimize the impact on the environment. Antarctica remains one of the last unspoiled wilderness regions on the planet, and there are major environmental restrictions in place to protect and preserve its pristine beauty.

The flight is also a sign of growing interest in eco-tourism to Antarctica. While the continent is still relatively inaccessible, it is becoming increasingly popular with travelers.

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