Nordic Aviation Group signs service agreement with Marabu

Render of a Marabu Airbus A320neo in flight
Image Credit: Marabu

Startup airline Marabu has signed a long-term service agreement with Estonian airline Nordic Aviation Group.

According to the contract signed, Nordic Aviation Group will support the startup airline in starting operations within the German market.

The Estonian airline will operate three aircraft for Marabu from bases in Hamburg and Munich, whilst providing additional supporting services.

The details

The new airline Marabu belongs to Attestor, a London-based investment firm, and will have its focus on operating flights from Munich and Hamburg to popular holiday destinations along the Mediterranean Sea, the Canaries and the Red Sea.

In recent news, the startup carrier has signed a long-term service agreement with Estonian airline Nordic Aviation Group, which in addition will be providing other services to the new operator.

The Estonian aviation group is set to start operating these routes from the beginning of the summer season on an ACMI basis with three Airbus A320neo aircraft, configured in an all economy, 180 seat configuration.


On the agreement, CEO of Marabu, Paul Schwaiger, said the following: “I am pleased that we have found a trustworthy partner in the Estonian airline, one with a Nordic work culture and top-level knowhow that adds value to Marabu’s take-off run.”

“We currently find ourselves in the phase of active hiring and are creating hundreds of new jobs in Hamburg and Munich, both for local pilots and cabin crew,”

The CEO of Nordic Aviation Group, Jan Palmer, also stated the following: “The success of recent years and the expertise and know-how present in our group have been noticed in Europe.”

“We are an airline group that operates in seven European countries, where people of over 30 nationalities from all over the world work together. Our know-how, experience and work culture are what our partners appreciate about us.”

“The contract signed will turn a new page in the company’s history, where the new opportunities ahead of us will safeguard the future development of the entire Nordic Aviation Group.”

Also providing comment was Anton Õnnik, the CCO and Member of the Management Team of the group, who said the following:

“We are very thankful for this opportunity enabling us to work with Marabu on this exciting journey and are keen on making this cooperation a long-term success story.”

“This is both a great recognition to our team and the best possible validation of our business concept,” he concluded.

Supported since the beginning

In December of 2022, Nordic Aviation Group announced plans to help support new entrant Marabu by providing aircraft to the carrier.

Commenting on this arrangement was Paul Schwaiger, the CEO of Marabu: “The competence and the successful performance of the past years characterizing the Nordic Aviation Group has given us trust towards this company.”

“We are very happy to work with such a strong partner. Together, we can build up a new strong airline for the strongly increasing demand next summer”.

Also commenting on this news was Jan Palmer, the CEO of Nordic Aviation Group: ”[The] aviation sector in Europe is growing fast now, witnessing a resurgence of demand. It’s actively recruiting and looking to expand.”

“The greatest growth can be witnessed in the segment of leisure and holiday travelers – the market Marabu will be focusing on.”

“We are glad to undertake this path together, completing to perfection one another’s competencies and thus building a sustainable business model and strategic partnership.”

“This additional business secures strong growth of the Nordic Aviation Group in the long-term”.

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