Nolinor Boosts Mining Industry Support With Edmonton Base

A Nolinor 737 climbs after takeoff.
Photo Credit: Nolinor

Nolinor Aviation is strengthening air transport services for Canada’s mining sector with the establishment of a new sub-base in Edmonton, Alberta.

Scheduled to launch in June, this expansion marks a significant step in Nolinor’s 30-year history. It strengthens their reach in Western Canada and allows for direct, efficient service to mining projects across Nunavut.

Central to this initiative is a Boeing 737-200 aircraft stationed at the Edmonton base. This versatile aircraft holds a unique distinction: it’s the only Boeing model certified for gravel runway operations.

This translates to superior operational flexibility for Nolinor. The 737-200 boasts an impressive payload capacity and a large cargo door, allowing it to handle a wide range of cargo sizes.

This capability positions Nolinor to provide customized air transport solutions that perfectly match the mining industry’s demanding needs.

Nolinor Aims Big, Acquires Another Boeing 737-200 For Growth
Jean-Philippe Richard (CNW Group/Nolinor Aviation)

Enhanced Service for Mining Logistics

Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation, explains the strategic thinking behind the Edmonton expansion.

“The Boeing 737-200 spearheading our Edmonton operations aligns perfectly with our commitment to directly supporting the mining industry’s logistical requirements.”

“By eliminating technical stopovers, our direct service significantly enhances cargo capabilities and expands our service portfolio across the entire region. This not only saves time but also allows us to transport more passengers and cargo directly to operational sites.”

The mining industry itself recognizes the value Nolinor brings. Discussions with various mining companies are already underway, highlighting their interest in Nolinor’s improved service offerings.

Nolinor boasts over a decade of experience anchoring northern cargo operations in Yellowknife.

Edmonton’s addition to the network is a strategic move to optimize service delivery and expand coverage, catering to the growing demand for reliable and versatile air transport solutions.

Solidifying Nolinor’s Role in Canadian Aviation

This strategic expansion into Edmonton strengthens Nolinor’s dedication to evolving its specialized services.

The new sub-base at YEG Edmonton Airport bolsters the company’s role as a strategic hub for passenger and cargo transit, specifically to Nunavut.

It strengthens logistical support for the mining industry and improves connectivity across Canada’s remote regions.

This move underscores Nolinor Aviation’s commitment to delivering effective transport solutions and reaffirms its vital role in the nation’s aviation and mining landscapes.

About Nolinor

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is a leading provider of specialized commercial charter flights. They operate across Canada, the United States, and various international destinations.

The air operator is renowned for its firm commitment to safety in both equipment and services. This private company (IATA code N5) is wholly owned by the Prud’homme family trust.

Nolinor Aviation has carved a strong niche in the charter flight sector, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse transportation needs.

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