Nolinor Aims Big, Refits Another Boeing 737-200 For Growth

Nolinor Aims Big, Acquires Another Boeing 737-200 For Growth
Jean-Philippe Richard (CNW Group/Nolinor Aviation)

Nolinor Aviation is aiming for big growth through the acquisition and reintroduction of another Boeing 737-200 into it’s fleet.

The Canadian carrier provides vital airlinks to rural northern communities, with this being welcome news by those that live in the area.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Nolinor Aims Big, Acquires Another Boeing 737-200 For Growth…

Nolinor Aims Big, Acquires Another Boeing 737-200 For Growth
Jean-Philippe Richard (CNW Group/Nolinor Aviation)


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Nolinor Aviation has spent $3m over a seven-month period getting this aircraft refurbished and ready for commercial service.

This particular aircraft also holds a unique Boeing certification on the 737-200 where gravel runway operations can take place.

Charles Sullivan, Boeing Canada president had this to say on the news from the Canadian airline:

“The 737 family is uniquely equipped to operate across Canada, enabling Nolinor to fly passengers and provide essential services to remote, northern regions”.

“Backed by Boeing’s global Customer Support team, we’ll continue to support the 737-200 though the entire life of the fleet.”

Adding to this was Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation:

“The consensus among aviation experts is clear – the 737-200 remains the optimal choice for serving the challenging northern regions.”

“During the pandemic, we strategically adjusted our fleet size, but we are now returning to our previous capacity.”

“This reinstatement is a testament to our commitment to the North and our confidence in the 737-200’s capabilities.”

“With Boeing’s continuous support, we foresee a long and sustainable operational future for this aircraft, spanning several decades.”

All eyes will be on how the entry-into-service process goes for the Nolinor aircraft.

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