Newly Branded AJET of Turkish Airlines Begins Ticket Sales

Newly Branded AJET of Turkish Airlines Begins Ticket Sales
Photo Credit: AJET.

AJET, formally known as AnadoluJet, has begun ticket sales following the Turkish Airlines subsidiary rebranding this year.

AnadoluJet has handled over 150 million passengers in a 16-year period, with the carrier wanting to continue that process.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

AJET Begins New Story…

Newly Branded AJET of Turkish Airlines Begins Ticket Sales
Photo Credit: AJET.

In a statement, Turkish Airlines said the following on the launch of ticket sales for AJET:

“AnadoluJet, established as a sub-brand of Turkish Airlines in 2008 to meet the air transportation needs with more advantageous options, has started its ticket sales under the name “AJET” on its official website as of March 12.”

“Established as a successful brand of Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet has reunited over 150 million guests with their loved ones in 16 years.”

“Now under its new name and scope, AJET is aiming to above clouds on March 31 to offer more modern, comfortable, and accessible experience for its guests while planning to be a prominent low-cost airline of a global scale and further strengthen its competitive position in the market.”

“AJET, which will operate flights to a total of 93 destinations, including 41 domestic and 52 international, with its fleet of 95 aircraft during the summer season of 2024, plans to fly to a total of 44 countries with a fleet of 200 aircraft within the next 10 years as a global growth target.”

The Rebranding Aspect…

Newly Branded AJET of Turkish Airlines Begins Ticket Sales
Photo Credit: AJET.

Originally commencing in 2008 as AnadoluJet, the airline first operated within Turkey’s Anatolian region, carrying passengers on domestic hops.

By 2020, its network footprint expanded, taking on international routes for its parent company, Turkish Airlines.

But 2023 marked a metamorphosis. AnadoluJet shed its old feathers, rebranding as the sleek and independent AJet in November.

The name “AJet” is a play on “AnadoluJet” and hints at the carrier’s aspirations to soar in the aviation world.

The rebranding also reflected a shift towards a more youthful and dynamic image.

While independent, AJet remains 100% owned by its parent company, and will operate a legacy fleet of Boeing 737-800 narrowbody aircraft.

January 2024 has now seen the firming of the operation, with the Air Operator Certificate grant; greenlighting the new airline’s entry to the low-cost market.


Photo Credit: AJET.

In conclusion, the next stage for the Turkish Airlines subsidiary begins.

AJET represents a modern look at operations from Istanbul and other areas of Turkey, and is now with the times.

All eyes will be on what other successes will come along the way with this rebranding, as well as overall fleet & route growth.

But for now, let’s see how their 2024 performs moving forward.

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