New Tartan Tail for the Loganair BN2 Islander

New Tartan Tail for the Loganair BN2 Islander
Photo Credit: Loganair.

Loganair has painted one of its Britten Norman BN2 Islanders in the iconic tartan tail of the carrier and was welcomed back into Orkney.

The aircraft has been named Magnus Erlendsson, Earl of Orkney, with the aircraft being painted in the livery, ensuring a level of consistency across the whole fleet.

The Tartan Tail of Loganair…

New Tartan Tail for the Loganair BN2 Islander
Photo Credit: Loganair

Commenting on the repaint was Jonathan Hinkles, the CEO of Loganair:

“The BN2 islander is often referred to as the Land Rover of the skies, and I don’t think anything could be more apt. It’s a robust, dependable, and versatile aircraft that is at ease traveling the island air.”


“No matter the coat of paint, the islander will always be there for our island communities.”

The Britten Norman Islander is based at Kirkwall, and it is the heart and soul of Loganair’s Orkney inter-island service, transporting customers to North Ronaldsay, Papa Westray, Westray, Eday, Sanday, and Stronsay.

Photo Credit: Loganair

This includes the world’s shortest flight, between Westray and Papa Westray, with a flight time of just 90 seconds.

Across the UK, this Tartan tail is associated with Loganair, particularly with the dominance it has been exerting in the regional market.

Whether it is services across the country or vital and essential air services, the carrier has been there to support it on a passenger and also on a freighter basis too.

And with that dominance in mind, all eyes are on the airline to see how the rest of the Summer season goes as well as what they may have in store for the Winter 2023/24 schedule and the Summer 2024 schedule too.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
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