New regional operator Nexus Airlines set to launch in Western Australia

Crew pose in front of a Nexus Airlines aircraft.
Photo Credit: Nexus Airlines

The state of Western Australia is set to see the new player in the regional aviation market with the launch of new carrier Nexus Airlines. Services are expected to commence in July this year.

A WA state government investment of more than $4 million has culminated in the expansion of the State’s Inter-Regional Flight Network (IRFN), with the launch of Western Australia’s newest carrier, Nexus Airlines.

The launch of Nexus Airlines, which is owned by Aviair, proposes to deliver more routes, upgraded services and cheaper airfares for regional Western Australians.

The West Australian State Government granted Aviair a monopoly right to assist in the establishment of the IRFN service in 2019. It has now committed $4.05 million over four years until June 2027 to enhance the service and extend the network to Geraldton.

Proposed regional operations

Nexus Airlines will fly 76-seater regional turboprop aircraft on the expanded IRFN operating between Geraldton-Karratha-Port Hedland-Broome and return along with other regional routes across Western Australia.

The turboprop commuters accommodate more than eight times the capacity of Aviair’s nine-seater light aircraft currently used on the existing IRFN and will make air travel on the network more affordable.


Photo Credit: Nexus Airlines

The IRFN provides direct air travel for regional residents between major business and tourism centres in the State’s Mid-West, Pilbara and Kimberley regions, saving time for travellers by removing the need to travel via Perth.

Nexus Airlines has also announced a new Geraldton-Perth service.

Customers of Nexus Airlines’ Geraldton-Perth service will have access to the Government’s popular Regional Airfare Zone Cap Scheme, which is making air travel more affordable for regional Western Australians.

More than 100,000 capped airfares were booked in the first nine months of scheme. Nexus Airlines is expected take flight on the expanded IRFN on 10 July this year. 

A boost for regional WA

Speaking on the new regional proposal, state Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said: 

“The launch of a new airline is a massive win for aviation in regional WA, and the upgrade of the Inter-Regional Flight Network is the culmination of a lot of hard work between the State Government and Aviair. 

“We have invested more than $4 million to expand the Inter-Regional Flight Network, and the launch of Nexus Airlines will mean bigger planes, more routes, better services and cheaper airfares for regional Western Australians. 

“The network expansion will mean for the first time in our State’s regional aviation history, people will be able to fly directly between Karratha and Geraldton. This will be a game-changer, linking Geraldton businesses and workers to the State’s booming mining industry in the Pilbara.” 

“Customers using the Nexus Airlines Geraldton-Perth route will also have access to our Regional Airfare Zone Cap Scheme, which is making air travel more affordable than ever before for regional residents. 

“This scheme has been incredibly popular and an additional $20.7 million in the 2023-24 State Budget will see it continue to make flights to and from Perth more affordable for regional residents.”

The establishment of new regional services also stands to benefit the community of Geraldton to the north of Perth. Geraldton MLA Lara Dalton added: 

“This is a huge win for people in Geraldton and the Mid-West and highlights the impact of our Government’s ongoing commitment to improve access to air travel in regional WA.” 

“The launch of Nexus Airlines will not only improve the connectivity between the Mid-West and the Pilbara region, but it will also provide a new service between Geraldton and Perth.” 

“Through regional capped airfares, our Government is making air travel cheaper and more accessible than ever before for communities in and around Geraldton.”

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
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