New Bermudan airline BERMUDAIR receives operating approvals

Render of a BERMUDAIR Embraer aircraft in flight.
Image Credit: Azzora

Bermuda is preparing for the impending launch of its first-ever locally established airline – BERMUDAIR. 

The Bermuda government has announced that BERMUDAIR has now received full authorization from the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) and has been granted its Air Operating Certificate (AOC).

The news has been met with excitement and pride from both the Bermudan government and its citizens, as it represents a significant step forward in the island’s aviation sector and promises numerous benefits for the local economy.

Statement by Minister of Transport

The official statement released by Bermudan Minister of Transport, The Hon. Wayne Furbert, JP MP, highlights the airline’s unwavering commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

Meeting all necessary protocols and certifications has been a journey of dedication for BERMUDAIR, and now they are poised to take to the skies with confidence and pride.

With the introduction of BERMUDAIR, Bermuda’s aviation sector is poised for exponential growth. Minister Furbert observed: “This marks a pivotal step forward for expanding our island’s aviation sector and symbolizes the potential for growth, progress, and self-sufficiency within our borders.”


As a Bermuda-based airline, BERMUDAIR is set to enhance connectivity, making it easier for travelers to access the island’s picturesque shores. This increased accessibility is expected to attract more tourists, boosting the local economy and contributing to the overall growth of the nation.

Economic growth and employment opportunities

The establishment of BERMUDAIR will have far-reaching effects on Bermuda’s economy. As the airline begins its operations, it will create a plethora of direct and indirect employment opportunities.

From pilots and flight attendants to ground staff, administrative personnel, maintenance crews, and customer service representatives, BERMUDAIR will be a significant job creator.

The Bermudan Minister further noted that the airline’s operations will stimulate demand for ancillary services, such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation, further supporting the growth of local businesses. This symbiotic relationship between BERMUDAIR and various industries will contribute to a more prosperous Bermuda.

Lease of Embraer aircraft

Last month, global aircraft lessor Azzora announced that it has signed lease agreements for two Embraer E175 aircraft with BermudAir in Hamilton, Bermuda.  This paves the way for the airline’s exciting launch plans of an innovative business class service connecting Bermuda with the US mainland and points beyond.

“We are pleased to partner with BermudAir to execute this unique opportunity in support of Bermuda tourism and the travel needs of the local business community.”

“We believe the E175 is the perfect fit to add more dedicated scheduled flights, improving mainland connectivity for the residents of Bermuda and those who wish to visit,” said John Evans, Azorra’s CEO on the announcement of the lease in June.

Paving the way for self-sufficiency

The launch of BERMUDAIR represents more than just a new airline; it symbolizes Bermuda’s potential for growth and self-sufficiency. This sentiment is clearly observed in the words of the Minster, who states:  

“As we come together today, we stand at the threshold of a new era in Bermuda’s aviation history. The forthcoming launch of BERMUDAIR represents a resounding triumph for Bermuda, signifying to the world that we possess the capacity and capability to excel in diverse industries.”

By having its own locally established airline, Bermuda takes a giant leap towards independence in the aviation industry.

The island’s ability to excel in diverse industries is showcased to the world, putting Bermuda on the map as a capable and confident player in the global aviation market.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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